Bahamas Press Welcomes the Ministry of Tourism Online Commercials


It was just last year when we raised HELL over the fact that the Ministry of Tourism did not position ads to run online. Tourism is OUR NUMBER ONE INDUSTRY! Months earlier we RAISED ETERNAL HELL on ZNS over the fact that ZNS was also not online. Now we see they too heeded our call to join the information superhighway. We congratulate them both!

We must say we do enjoy Tourism’s new online ads. We think the production work is IMPRESSIVE. Tourism needs to link with friends AROUND THE WORLD, WHO HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH OUR SHORES. We can certainly help with this! Again, EXCELLENT JOB!


  1. But what happens when visitors see one thing on the ads and something else when they get here? Say bye bye to repeat visitors. They need to stop playing and re do downtown like the PLP had planned and do it now.

  2. I am happy and proud to see the Bahamian ads creeping back on prime time T.V. Good job Tourism, even though ‘we’ had to light a little fire under your ‘ask me no questions’..the job is well done. We have to reconize we are selling sun, sand and are the other islands, thus it is very important to be on top of the game of marketing. The average traveller is counting their dollars with the best of us, so when they make a decision to travel; they want to get the bang for their dollar.

  3. Last month when I went to watch a Heat vs. Celtics game in Miami, it happened to be Bahamian Night at the Arena sponsored by the Min.of Tourism. The ad was played on the Jumbo-tron, ads were in the program, posters were everywhere, trips were given away along with countless mentions over the P.A. system. Between the first and second quarters, the Miami Heat dancers performed in Androsia print outfits to BAHAMIAN music. Events such as these go a long way to positively promote us and don’t cost as much as a Super Bowl Ad. This is the 2nd game that I went to where this occurred. The program was started when Wilchcombe was the minister so it is only a matter of time before it is stopped, reviewed, and canceled.

  4. Did anyone hear Bradley roberts talking about how we allowed Jamaica to jump ahead of us in tourism growth because VVW decided to stop ads near the end of the year when everyone else continued? Boy somebody better tell him his status as teh golden boy is in jeopardy over that one because if Jamaica, which is 100 times more dangerous than the Bahamas can see growth, then what does that say about us? Great ad, but still it says nothing about what to expect when you get here.

  5. BP you are right. We pay all them millions to air the commercial during the Super Bowl and the next day I could not find it on-line anywhere.

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