Ross University Opens on Grand Bahama


pm_rosssimulationroom_1_Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham along with Mrs. Ingraham and Government Ministers joked saying, “LOOKA CHRISTIE” as they viewed the work of Ross University students (WORKING ON THE PLP) in the University’s Simulation Room, during a tour on Friday, February 20, 2009. Mr. Ingraham travelled to Grand Bahama for the University’s official opening and brought remarks at the event. (BIS Photo/Sharon Turner)


  1. Congratulations to Ross University and to the Bahamas for this endeavour. Now if we can get COB involved with their School of Nursing and a Pharmecutical School Component just maybe a new teaching hospital can follow. In most parts of the world, when a city has a teaching hospital the city becomes quite prosperous.

  2. Whats the deal with Babaks return and what happened to the other dudes that gettin sent home

  3. Everyone in this photo is looking to their right as if someone passed gas. Everyone knew who it was, but no one wants to own up to it much less say who it was. Excuse me, would have been quite appropriate. LOL.

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