Bahamas records its first COVID19 death after Kim Johnson-Rolle waited for 36 hours for medical assistance outside Bimini….


Some 50 medical staff is now in quarantine in the country!

BIMINI| Health Officials have announced the first Coronavirus death in the Bahamas.

At a press conference just minutes ago, PM Hubert Minnis confirmed that Bimini resident Kim Johnson-Rolle, daughter of the later Oscar Johnson and sister of sitting Cabinet Minister Elsworth Johnson, who waited some 36 hours for assistance, was positive for having the Coronavirus.

She died hours after a Defense Force plane collected her after she was left in critical condition Monday evening, awaiting transport out of Bimini.

Some three medical staff on Bimini have been flown to Nassau to be quarantined and the Bimini clinic has been shut down to be sanitized.

PM Minnis also issued a new order this afternoon locking down private healthcare facilities with few exceptions.

Some 50 medical staff across the country are now in quarantine, one group from the Elizabeth Estates Clinic.

We advised the Minnis government more than a month ago to engage the Cuban doctors to assist in setting up a strategy to fight COVID19

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