Bahamasair flight UP206 detained in Fort Lauderdale for drugs!


FLORIDA| While Bahamasair agents are saying that one of its planes was hit by birds while flying into Ft. Lauderdale this afternoon, many of the passengers who deplaned from the flight reported to BP that US Federal Agents are right now searching a Bahamasair jet very slowly and carefully.

If it was a bird strike and not drugs, why are the agents all up in the people dem luggage?

A tip of suspected drugs was filed, suggesting that the drugs were onboard the Bahamasair flight UP206 flying out of Nassau. The plane is now under heavy watch.

Now only BP will tell ya this part:  Bahamasair agents are making plans to bus some 25 passengers to Miami to catch one of its flights to Nassau and the remaining passengers will fly out of Ft. Lauderdale on a later flight.

Well das dat!

We report yinner decide!