Bahamasair improves 'on-time' performance


bavendor<<< A car rental agent provides details of his company to patrons at Bahamasair’s annual trade show and exhibition, Friday, at SuperClubs Breezes.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamasair has improved its on-time performance and maintained its dispatch reliability and safety records, Managing Director Henry Woods confirmed

“We have progressed from an airline that used to operate in the 50 percent on time performance to now in the 70s which is in line with industry averages,” said Mr Woods.

He was speaking during Bahamasair’s annual trade show and exhibition on Friday at SuperClubs Breezes.

The trade show provided an opportunity for clients to network directly with vendors in South Florida and the Family Islands that provide services including hotels, motels, resorts, car rental and travel agencies.

“We appreciate the support that you are giving us,” said Mr Woods. “I feel that we are now deserving of your support. This is not the old Bahamasair, this is a new day now.

“Our dispatch reliability is almost 100 percent. Bahamasair very rarely cancels a flight. If it happens its through an act of God. We will bring you wherever.

“We’re not like the other carriers which if they are two hours late they will cancel. We meet our commitment and we value our customers. It may be late, but you’re safe.

“The 100% mark goes to Bahamasair’s safety record. We strive on that. We want to build on you’re support. We ask you to continue to support Bahamasair because we appreciate you.”

Deputy General Manager Van Dyer thanked the “vertical market” including sporting teams, churches, schools and other agencies that support Bahamasair.

“You represent big groups,” said Mr. Dyer. “Thanks for believing in and being partners with Bahamasair.”

Participating vendors included Tranquility on the Bay, Crooked Island; Riding Rock Resort, San Salvador; Exuma Palms, Ivel’s Bed and Bath, Acklins; the Hamption Inn, Florida; Alamo, Florida.


  1. ON TIME!!!!!, my Bahamasair flight was two hours late yesterday, and I had to cancel my travel plans, they’ve got to do better.

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