Bahamian official could be expelled from US and exercise diplomatic immunity


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    USA: Bahamas Press is reporting a Bahamian official has found herself on the wrong side of justice in the US and is attempting to use diplomatic immunity to escape a civil suit in a court of law.

    BP is monitoring events in the US, where the parents of a young girl are suing the Bahamian executive. BP can confirm the representative is alleged to have engaged in ‘carnal unnatural sexual acts’ with a young woman, who the American family alleges, was distracted from her studies by the advances of the official.

    Parents of the young woman have filed a civil action against the Bahamian officer, however, arguments have entered the debate as to whether due to the status of the official, action could be brought against the Bahamian representative.

    Diplomatic immunity is a form of legal immunity and a policy held between governments, which ensures that diplomats are given safe passage and are considered not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution under the host country’s laws (although they can be expelled).

    We are told US officials are already concerned with the claims and are negotiating with the Foreign Affairs office to have the official expelled from the US.

    The Ingraham government is tight-lipped on the developments as he told members of the press two weeks ago there are many Bahamians locked up in US jails for various offenses. He was never asked nor did he venture into this latest incident involving the Bahamian officer.


    1. Hahahaha @ media.

      What an appalling choice of adverbs. “Arrogantly immature” is a redundant phrase, and “nakedly conclusive” is simply meaningless.

      I love this website, it is a wonderful combination of pious sanctimony and sheer stupidity.

      Keep up the goodwork!

    2. (The Punch) are you capable of looking beyond yellow/red or PLP/FNM to form an opinion or in determining what is right from wrong.

      Sad, very sad the way so many of you make your political attachment to everything.

      • With out calling any names, without referencing any age or position, without saying which party the Bahamian official is associated, we still see someone questioning whether we are capable of “looking beyond yellow/red or PLP/FNM to form an opinion”?

        It is truly sad when “BIAS” politically clouded bloggers cannot pass the shades of colours and form an opinion, look at the information objectively and form a credible balanced view of the story presented here.

        Truly this indeed amazes us and takes us into shock every time. Krossover your post is arrogantly immature and nakedly conclusive.

        Bahamas Press/Editor

        • media, I am sorry you thought my posting was a direct reference to your article. I was in fact drawing reference to comments posted by ( The Punch)

          if your story is accurate and I have no reason to believe it either way, then the person should be named and shamed.

    3. if she was a PLP the world would den know so keep on doin what u doin BP thank i hope they sen her *** to jail so sissy is not only in the PLP like yhey say hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha PAPA

    4. “USA: Bahamas Press is reporting a Bahamian official has found HERSELF on the wrong side of justice in the US and…” My emphasis. It’s a girl. 🙂

    5. Got a call about this.. name and all, I called the official myself. This seems to be a bad joke.

      Lets all pray for our officials locally and epically overseas.


    6. I would assume the official is a female, as this story opened by saying, “Bahamas Press is reporting a Bahamian official has found ‘HERSELF’ on the wrong side of justice in the US.”

      • If we wanted the gender of the official out there we would have put it. It will come in the coming days. We want prove to you just how hush hush the wutless media is on matters when it involves their associates.

        Stay Tuned to BP for this Breaking Development….


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