The big crater filled with water at the Marsh Harbour Airport.


OCTOBER 10TH, 2010.

Marsh Harbour, Abaco
— It was our intention to cover a number pressing issues relating to the island of Abaco and its people in this week of “FAMILY ISLAND ROUND UP”, but the situation is so dire on that island, BP’s team of reporters had a handful after only arriving at the Marsh Harbour Airport.

As you the reading audience are well aware, the Island of Abaco at large is considered FNM country. We want to put to scrutiny the full measurement of the man, Hubert Alexander Ingraham, and the way he treats his loyal, “ABACO PEOPLE”.

What you are witnessing here in this photo above is not one of Abaco’s world renown blue holes. This is the result of neglect on the island by the hands of Hubert Alexander Ingraham and his “ WUTLESS” minister of works at the Marsh Harbour International Airport.

We are told that passengers including tourist have to roll up their pants in an effort to enter the terminal building. No, no, hold on, it gets better after all it’s  “A MATTER OF TRUST”.

We want to assure you that your eyes are not failing and that you’re not being misled but in fact this photograph represents and signals the state of the Bahamian economy (DORMANT/ STOPPED, REVIEWED AND CANCELLED ).

Before the FNM was ushered into office, Marsh Harbour was one of the life lines that veined a healthy, robust and vibrant economy. However, BP simply says, “Look what ya get when ya tired a what ya gat.” A pure example of a stop, cancel and review policy.

Perry Christie said it best, “ An economy is not a switch that you can turn off and on, when it’s running, you keep it running.”

Currently there is one single engine plane parked at the Marsh Harbour INTERNATIONAL Airport.

Ingraham, your loyalist deserves better!


  1. Lets disseminate truth from lies here:

    Is there currently a problem with flooding during rain storms at MH International Airport? Yes. The picture showing the large pothole is in the public parking lot, and yes it is that bad. The Airport is an eyesore and a shame. The pants rolled up story is one that I (as a resident of Marsh Harbour) have not heard, however, depending on what part of the airport you are coming from it is possible – I think it is more on the side of exaggeration though.

    Is this Hubert Alexander Ingraham’s fault? Yes! But it is also Perry Christie’s fault and Lynden Pindling’s faults as well. I don’t want to hear that PLP or FNM WANTED to build this or that…fact remains it is yet to be done by EITHER! FACT – Good intentions don’t buy bread!

    The second picture is an accurate picture, but the commentary is absolutely ignorant. Abaco’s Airport remains even now, despite BEC’s dismal service through the summer, the second busiest airport in the entire Bahamas. There are often times you can come out to the airport and see only one or two idle planes on the tarmac. That is not unusual, especially in October which is one of our ‘slow months for visitors’.

    I will refrain from calling what you are doing here as journalism. It is sensationalism and propaganda! I, unlike you, am in NO politicians pocket so I am free to give credit where it is due and to criticize when it is true.

    Conclusion: Stop peddling in half-truths. Stop towing party lines – neither one cares about anyone except those in their own circle. If you are going to give news, report truth THEN let people decide. Don’t spout uninformed drivel and expect people to swallow hook line and sinker the bull you are peddling.

    The Airport at Marsh Harbour is in a bad state. It is far too small, and has numerous maintenance issues. The roads and parking area flood and contain potholes. It is a disgraceful first impression for a visitor arriving by air.

    This present airport was built in the mid to late 80’s – probably about 87/88. When it was finished it was already too small for the fast growing island and has since lost the ability to even house waiting passengers inside the building.

    This problem was not addressed by PM Pindling’s administration.

    The FNM under the leadership of Hubert Ingraham controlled the government for two terms from 1992 to 2002 and one of the highlights for Abaco on their manifesto was a new and improved airport. About one year before losing the government to the PLP some preliminary plans were posted for viewing with many flaws to boot.

    The PLP administration under the leadership of Perry Christie made an attempt at plans for the airport which never materialized. Upon their leaving office in 2007 the FNM claimed the PLP had squandered monies the FNM had allocated to build a terminal for Marsh Harbour. We don’t know whether this is true or a convenient scapegoating of the opposition, however, again the terminal remains a problem.

    Now, three years into the FNM’s current term, we have a new set of plans for a terminal. These plans, IN MY OPINION, are just adequate and only allow for minimal growth of Abaco’s air traffic.

    Minister Grant begrudgingly considered local input into the plans and made adjustments to some of the shortfalls that were pointed out.

    it is MY opinion that, and I have the consensus of many Abaconians, that I will believe it when I see it.

    This is not a PLP/FNM issue – Both governments have been equally neglectful of Abaco’s International Airport.

    Now I await your PITHY comeback of, “I report, you decide”.

    Report truth you Jack Wagon!

  2. Oh, and this is the SECOND FALSE report on the airport.

    Your last mistake was that it had been shut down for three weeks to international traffic. ALSO NOT TRUE. You pulled the article but did not apologize for the blatant error. If you want to be taken seriously, GET IT RIGHT MAN! We need an opposition voice, but it must have credibility.

  3. BP, you got it all wrong yet again (sigh). Had you taken one moment to read the Ocotber 1st issue of the Abaconian (our local paper) you would have read about a new terminal going out to bid AFTER EXTENSIVE CONSULTATION BY MR GRANT with us locals! The PLP did nothing except try to SHUT DOWN THE AIRPORT to repave a useless runway for FOUR MONTHS before we shamed them into building a new runway. NOTHING about a new terminal. Please try to get your facts straight.

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