Bahamian Queens sacked off ZNS TV for “Pooftas” – Arch-Baptist-Bishop says not a damn word!


When will the New Government show and PROVE they believe and care for REAL WOMEN?!

Did Baptist Bishop agree to move women off ZNS newscast set to allow "Pooftas" to read the news?

Nassau, Bahamas — A well-known prostitute has been hired by the new PLP government and is already causing problems on the job.

Sources high up in a government ministry tell us the prostitute, who was formally a reporter at a local station in the capital, was heard bragging how the new Gold Rush administration took her from one agency in the government where she was hired under the former government, and placed her under the condition to work overtime in the night [IN SOMEONE BED].

Now we understand that same “Gold Digger” is about to be sent to another government agency to be employed with a hidden clause of sexual favours and night rendezvous.

We can tell you that a senior officer of the government was spotted at a five star restaurant wining and dining the “GOLD DIGGER” as they celebrated her new appointment. And that’s not all!

Up at ZNS a similar fest of carnal delights appears to be unraveling. We can report young female reporters are complaining as ‘pooftas’ are being hired by the day at the news network by the government.

Word has come to BP – and troubling word that is – that while three decent, respected and beautiful female anchors have been sacked off the network station, there is an organized attempt by management inside to place new male ‘POOFTAS’ on the anchor set to broadcast the nightly news.

What in the hell is dis!

One must ask if the new ZNS Bishop BOSS has turned face-down holy scripture and is now being cuddled and persuaded to the dark side of perversion; siding with the “haters” of the God’s Gift to man?

How could ZNS throw off its set three competent, intelligent beautiful professional women for some “panties in trunks”? – Who just got hired yesterday!!! Boy, da PLP really starting off on the wrong foot!

YINNA GATS NO DAMN SHAME!!!! Get the women back on the TV and get these Gynadromorphophile ‘poofters’ off da set before yinner blow up BP TV!!!

BP is monitoring the troubling situation at the BCB and will warn the new administration of this fact: “If yinner want to go down this road with the country watching – be reminded WE AT BP are ready, willing, prepared and ABLE to start the conversation!”

Bahamian Queens sacked off ZNS TV SET for “Pooftas”?

As Howard Johnson would say, “NO WAY NOT TA-DAY!!

We report yinner decide!


  1. BP needs to get their facts straight,if we are to grow as a country sometimes we need to improve things and bring in the some of the best to do so…. In my small circle of friends when I ask who watch ZNS you may get 3 out 10 say they do…. no serious business man/woman will want to advertise their business on a station where the consumer is not viewing…

    BP…. Please speak the truth and be fair… stop been bias… Someone sexual preference should not be a factor to do a JOB in 2012…

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