Bahamians must learn how to come together to promote the country as ONE!


Isaiah Taylor Breaks up the Carnival meeting – WHY?

Isaiah Taylor

Nassau, Bahamas — The Carnival people had another bust up yesterday as they attempted to announced the Carnival 2015 acts for the May 7 – 9th events.

As the press event was about to go off, one musician began throwing a tantrum and hollering like a spoiled child.

Isaiah Taylor, the leaders of the collapsed Baha Men, began carrying on like a jungaliss, forcing organizers to suspend the press event.

Now, what gets us is the fact that Taylor, who didn’t have time for the Bahamas when he climbed to the top of the charts, now wants us, the people of the Bahamas, to pay him and his group for their failings. [SHAKE HEAD].

Someone really should get this PR on the Carnival together before the rug rats take it over and spoil the bright future that is ahead for all Bahamians.

The FNM say they ga cancel Carnival just like the way they cancelled CARIFESTA and now every day some JACKASS is trying to shoot down the event!

Bahamians really need to learn how to come together!

We report yinner decide!