BAIC Farmer’s Market employees told they must work this Saturday for FREE!


Michael Foulkes, who claimed he had thousands on account for the Farmer’s Market, all of a sudden cannot pay staff and is willing to break the law and force staff to work for free – well, his relative, the AG Carl Bethel, knows this is illegal!

Michael ‘CrazyboyO’ Pintard and Michael ‘Sweaty Palms’ Foulkes

Nassau – Bahamas Press stands by our story we reported more than three months ago back in October when we disclosed that the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation [BAIC] is more than $150,000 in the red with farmers owed, staff owed and suppliers owed money by the Corporation.

BAIC Corporation Chairman Michael Foulkes in a press statement suggested that our report was indeed untrue and went further to suggest that BAIC had some $300,000 sitting in the bank. He suggested in his statement that his Farmer’s Markets were not just profitable, but were expanding their project to bring fresh produce to the community.

But since our story during the holidays, some interesting things have occurred:

1)   The Farmer’s Market has been suspended and, according to the office, will resume this Saturday on Gladstone Road. Why yinner think they suspended?

2)   Just today in a meeting with the Chairman, staff in the Farmer’s Market section at the Corporation were told that they were being asked to work for free; and that they will not be paid. They were told that to participate in the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays was to – GET THIS – MAKE THEMSELVES RELEVANT at the Corporation. That sounds like a threat! All of a sudden, workers at the Farmer’s Market, who are already owed overtime and who would be working TIME AND A HALF to be called in on Saturday, are now being asked to work for free. WELL, WAIT!

3)   In addition to all this, only your Bahamas Press has learned that the BAMSI Store on East Bay Street has closed down with some six employees being sent home for good. It’s Da People’s TIME! We wonder what is happening in the whole game of Agriculture in the Bahamas?

Bahamas Press in an updated report this weekend will explore and expound more. We will tell yinner what is exactly happening with your industry and how it is being mismanaged by this STATE OF BAD GOVERNANCE!

We report yinner decide!