Bandits desecrated the tabernacle of St. Cecilia this morning and removed the Body Of Christ in their robbery!


The lost of values and electricity is reeking havoc deep in the community! Monsignor Simeon Roberts washed in tears and was unable to conduct services this morning….

Robbers ransacked the parish of St. Cecelia this morning in the Grove. The police have yet to report this breaking incident. #crimedown

NASSAU| BREAKING NOW| Bahamas Press is reporting serious damages committed inside the St. Cecelia Catholic Church in the Grove this morning after bandits broke in and stole valuable items.

Barbarians desecrated the church and stole the tabernacle off the holy altar in the church overnight night as BPL’s power failure in the area aided the crime. WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS!

BP’s crime division is investigating this breaking incident, which occurred sometime while power failed in the community. The absence of power means the alarms were disengaged; phone lines dead leaving the holy church and surrounding residents vulnerable to the barbarians of the night!

From our observations the Holy Tabernacle is gone! All of the golden chalices and the consecrated Body of Christ removed and taken! Catholics and deeply committed Christians all know the grave implications of that! Look what happens when people allow “darkness” to poison their minds. WHY DO THIS TO THE CHURCH?! Anyone reading these who know who the culprits are should turn them over quickly!

The incident left parish rector Monsignor Simeon Roberts washed in tears. He was unable to conduct services as the holy tabernacle and all the holy instruments of the church were all taken. This is a travesty of biblical proportions! Look what the Bahamas has come to?

We still await the report of this travesty by the police who keeps reporting crime is down! Yea Right!

St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in the day of battle;
Be our safeguard against
the wickedness and snares of the devil.

We report yinner decide!

Broken windows as thieves vandalised the church of St. Cecelia over night.
No area were left untouched by bandits as they stole the tabernacle in St. Cecelia this morning in the Grove.
Bandits ransacked St. Cecelia Parish this morning.