Who is paying for these ads attacking the PLP? Is tax dollars being used by the FNM to push ads online?


Response to FNM push back propaganda on BPL

PM Minnis and Sen. Mitchell

Two interesting FNM propaganda pieces appeared in the newspapers today.

Firstly, after months of ducking, dodging and deflecting on BPL and after sending his BPL Minister out to say BPL was not in crisis, the Prime Minister has finally come to his senses and admitted what Bahamians knew and were saying all along: that BPL is in crisis.

It is regrettable that the Prime Minister failed to admit that he created this needless crisis through a series of ill-advised and politically motivated decisions.

His tour of the Clifton Pier power plant did not prevent the current from going off as much as three times in one day in thousands of homes. Bimini residents reported and complained about blackouts on that Island.

Make no mistake about it – this BPL crisis is the result of the appointment of a new BPL management team approved by Minnis whose bad decisions led to multiple fires at multiple power plants on multiple islands and a loss of significant power generation capacity.

No amount of thousand dollar ads blaming the PLP can absolve the FNM government of this epic failure, pushing BPL to the brink of collapse and threatening this country’s economy.

The Prime Minister should have taken full responsibility for this crisis in leadership and apologized to the Bahamian people.

He should have confessed, doing what his former boss Ingraham did: He should have said to the Bahamian people unreservedly, “I am a failure, I have failed thee.”

Sadly, he is in charge, commanding 35 of 39 seats in Parliament and in control of the public purse, yet the most he could come up with is a slick and dishonest PR campaign of political bluster and deflections, blaming the Opposition for his failures.

This is shameful.