People going to the public pumps [in their Mercedes Benz] thanks to BPL blackouts!

Paul Maynard tells BPL GM Heastie off in letter. PM Minnis is just running a government out of control.

NASSAU| For the next three weeks we at Bahamas Press will begin a conversation about the state of power generation in the Bahamas and its dangerous effects on the people and economy of our country.  We have no choice but to go here and flesh out the untold physical, mental and economic damage these power blackout events are having on our people.

Reputable businesses are closing their doors while residents are being caught collecting water from the public pumps [in their Mercedes Benz] in order to get a fresh bath in the morning. Workers are being threatened, light bills are higher, the poor on medication and ventilation are suffering and, from the looks of things, there is no relief or solution in sight.

BP took off last week to see what the political temperature was in the country and, boy, are we surprised. We will discuss some of it this week as we look closer at BPL and some other national issues.

We report yinner decide!