There is no active generation equipment in BPL’s fleet that is 58-60 years old! Why the LIE?


PM Minnis and Bannister attempts to damage former PM Hubert Ingraham’s decent record on Power Generation! PAPA GATA DEFEND HIS RECORD FROM THE LIES!!!!

PAPA back in 2003 installing the largest diesel power plants at CLIFTON!

HIGH CAPACITY: A new extension makes Clifton Pier Power Station, New Providence, one of the largest diesel power plants in the world installed back in 1999.

Above right: The then Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham, is greeted by Barry Farrington at the opening ceremony. But guess what?

PM Minnis, Bannister, Moxey and Heastie told the nation the generator is 58 to 60 years old.

And Hubert Ingraham has yet to defend his policy on generation! Well what is this? PAPA you falling off! How you could let Hubert Minnis and crew lie on you like dat?