Bankers at FCIB and RBC are being sent home…Breaking NEWS!!!


Bankers are being sent home in the capital. Breaking news now coming into Bahamas Press confirms the entire top brass at First Caribbean International Bank are being removed as we speak. A senior officer at the bank tell us some persons are also being paid while home for the next six months. Meanwhile at RBC the same is unfolding. Today two senior managers at Royal Bank have were axed! Stay Tuned to Bahamas Press for these breaking news developments now happening.


  1. BP indicated some months ago that Ms. Brown FCIB, was retiring and as far as I know today is her last. As far as others being sacked they could only be foreigners as the top is loaded with them.

  2. FCIB got alot of issues. The scare earlier this year should have everyone on their guard. Dealing with them is a horror story. RBC needs a little tidying up too. Hopefully they are not discriminating but whatever they do should be in the best interest of the banks.

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