PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts exposes THE REAL 'BIG LIE' in the Tribune


bradley-roberts-min-of-wor.jpgPRESS STATEMENT BY BRADLEY B ROBERTS

In the Tribune of Wednesday, November 18, 2009, the Editor of The Tribune took issue with the assertions of Me and the Progressive Liberal Party’s assertions that the Free National Movement’s “remodeling” of the PLP’s Urban Renewal Programme launched under the administration of the leadership of the Hon. Perry G. Christie is to be blamed for the escalating crime rate.

In an attempt to justify the position that the Urban Renewal Programme under the Christie administration had no profound effect on crime, the Editor produced and sought to rely on police statistics for the years 2001 through 2006.

Further, in the Tribune of today’s date, the Editor went further to state that since the beginning of mankind, there has been criminal activity and that “the warning bell tolls for all of us” of which, not even the PLP’s treasured Urban Renewal Programme is “no one antidote for its cure”.  The Editor expressed that one only need look at the Tribune files to see when crime began to mushroom.

It is blatantly clear that apart from the Editor’s obvious bias, she is totally oblivious to what the real issue is today. Madam Editor, the issue is this: What initiative(s) has been introduced by the governing FNM Government since May 2007 to reduce and control crime and the fear of crime in our Bahamian society now?

The PLP contends that Urban Renewal was structured in such comprehensive form that it addressed not only crime, but all the criminogenic circumstances which inevitably led to crime. The attempt to undermine the effectiveness of the Programme by the FNM Government has resulted and is continuing to result in anarchy and chaos in our society today. To add, the FNM Government has sought to hide the truth by not painting the full picture in their use of statistics.

First, the FNM has used police crime statistics in a very limited way beginning with the year 2001 and stopping at 2006. In order to obtain a comprehensive look, one should review the statistics commencing when the FNM took office in 1992 through 2002. But even if one was not minded to go that far back, at least a comparison should be made of the PLP’s five year term in comparison to the FNM’s last five year term.bradley-roberts-copy

Moreover, one must look at what occurred during the PLP and the Urban Renewal era (2002 to 2007) and at least compare it with what has happened thus far under the FNM Government (i.e. 2007 to the present) to draw any conclusion. To do otherwise and make such bold statements that Urban Renewal was ineffective is a clear indication of biasness and incompleteness. Take for instance the homicide rate.

The FNM and the Editor expressed that in 2001 under the FNM, there were 43 murders. They neglected to mention that in 2000, a record breaking 74 murders were committed. The decline in 2001 in murders were attributed to the aggressive, round-the-clock, zero tolerance operations that the Police launched to bring crime under some degree of control. However, the ‘dusk to dawn’ operations could not be sustained as the operations took a tremendous toll on the human resource of the Police Force.

In 2002 with the ushering in of the PLP Government came the sustainable and comprehensive Urban Renewal Programme. The PLP maintains that in all areas where Urban Renewal was initiated, crime and the fear of crime was reduced. There was also a decline in the overall crime rate.

For completeness, here are the statistics from 1999 to 2009 of the major crime categories:


From the above, one must conclude:

(1)    From the cancellation of Urban Renewal and the election of the FNM in 2007, there has been a quantum leap in crime in that in excess of 600 more major crimes were committed in the above categories alone;

(2)    A review of the individual categories really reflect the extent of crime under the FNM Government and their inability to address the problem; and

(3)    The homicide rate (i.e. the murder and manslaughter categories) reveal that the homicide rate is actually higher than is actually being expressed (particularly under the FNM Government); and

(4)    There is a strong possibility that had Urban Renewal remain, crime levels would have been more manageable.
Many may question why the PLP has made extensive use of crime statistics and why the FNM Government is endeavoring to discredit the statistics produced by the PLP. It should be emphasized that the PLP recognize that statistics are crucial as they provide the greatest source of both qualitative and quantitative data (scientific proof of what really is the case).
I emphasize again that the FNM Government is clueless on how to address this crime problem.
I invite all print and television media and all Bahamians to challenge the Government in the interest of national security to do the following:

(1)    Reintroduce Urban Renewal as it was established under the PLP government;

(2)    Release ALL the crime statistics from 2007 to 2009 in order that the Bahamian community can truly begin to analyze the extent of the problem and offer input; and

(3)    Revisit the “Swift Justice” initiative to counter the significant backlog of cases.
It is appropriate that this release is concluded with the words of the Tribune’s Editor:
“We have to return to our basic value system of honesty, decency and fairplay…”


  1. Altec, to add insult to injury, the Tribune did not mention the skyrocketing murders in 2000, which was the highest ever, nor did she mention the amount of unclassified murders, that occured in 2007. The murder count for 2007, exceeded 80, 84, to be exact, and the same thing happened last year,…boy they really think we stupid.

    Bring the results for crime from May, 2007-2008, and the first half of 2009, and lets compare that to the report published by the FNM

  2. @media
    Media those numbers dont lie. No wonder the editor didnt include the numbers from 1999 in her editorial piece. Going back that far would have put a big hole in her argument. And what is so dishonest about it, is that we know she probably had the data going back to 1999 in her possession at the time she wrote that piece.

    What cracks me up is all during the campaign season of 2007 Tommy and HAI said to deal with crime, you have to get rid of the PLP. Now that the FNM is in office and the rate of crime, especially murder, has increased on their watch, suddenly crime isnt a political thing.

    The letter by the editor of the Tribune was another obvious atempt by these FNM apologist to now once again make the issue of crime non-political because that new argument will benefit them. Its like driving with someone who is lost. you know they are lost, they know they are lost, they know you know they are lost, but when you ask them are they lost they say no. Thats whats happening with the FNM and crime, they are lost.

    The thing is, the FNM cant take back what they said in 2007 regardless of the climate back then. Well the people got rid of the PLP and what do ya know, crime is out of control. Worse now than in 2007 and the FNM know that they cant blame the previous party.

    So like always, rather than admit the obvious, they try to change the subject. The Marital Rape Law has all but lost its buzz in the media so now the new crime theme from the FNM, as is being espoused by Tommy T and the Tribune, is that suddenly under the FNM’s watch, the surge of crime is non political.

    The Bahamian people are not stupid. They know that the FNM is cluless and they know that the Urban Renewal program was dismanteled by the FNM. They see what is going on in their communities and they see the lack of response by this government.

    Whenever you see the Tribune pushing the talking points of the FNM, then you know that the FNM knows they are in trouble in that area.

  3. @Bahamasyouth
    Man let’s make it plain and straight to the point. They removed the police and put one helpless hopeless woman could cannot find her keys. Who they foolin?

    Ingraham moved the police out of the Urban Renewal Programme

    He removed the police out of the Schools.

    And then guess what he did with them? He sent scores of them HOME! That’s what the FNM did to the people of this country. They oversaw 205 harden criminals out of the prisons and now we see the slaughter of our own citizens of by criminals. All kind a murders are walking around kicking people doors down and killing people and what does the FNM say? They call it lies.

    But we submit, THAT’s WHAT MUGABE DID TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY and because they let harden criminals out on bail, SOMEONE INNOCENT WILL DIE TONIGHT!


    Bahamas Press/Editors

  4. Um personally I feel Mr. Bradley Roberts do have valid points because Urban Re-newel did help and bring forth COMMUNITY development which ultimately help to curve crime… BUT I must say that THE FNM claim that they never stopped Urban Re-newel but up to this very date I dont see it as effective compared to The PLP Administration. I got the impression that Urban Renewel was Canceled so the FNM had bad Public Relations. Well thats the ONLY THING I say what was POSITIVE under Perry Christie’s administration.

  5. Um excuse me Media I think you want to say

    The REAL big lie in the Tribune, not the RAL big Lie!

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