Belinda Wilson is a poor excuse for a Union President and her rabble-rousing ways proves chip don’t fall far from the blocks!


Children must suffer while teacher follow the ‘JUNGALISS 2.0’ – How could a math, English or Science teacher allow a PE teacher to lead them is beyond me!

Belinda Wilson should be removed as head of the Teacher's Union President.

Children must suffer because a JACKASS has decided to withdraw teacher labour…

Nassau, Bahamas — Today teachers walked off the job to follow Belinda Wilson in her rabble-rousing attitude towards the administration head at Anatol Rodgers and another principal at a school in Grand Bahama.

Last week the Union President and her executives were denied access into the compound of Anatol Rodgers, which resulted in the Union filing a trade dispute with the Ministry of Education on behalf of her members.

Without due process, and without any rationale, this morning the gangster style of Belinda Wilson came alive as she coached teachers across the country to walk off the job and leave the children in the classroom – just one week after the opening of the school year.

What wisdom.

Bahamas Press
has long asked the question: How could educated Bahamians [University trained English, Mathematics and Science majors] allow a dumb PE teacher to drive them from their classrooms is beyond us.

We just cannot get over this fact!

Belinda Wilson
– who has now officially sought a nomination for the FNM in the next general election – is nothing more than a rabble-rouser and certified jungaliss 2.0! And following her damning leadership to the peril of innocent young children are those who are supposed to be a part of one of the elite professional classes in the world – the profession of a teacher.

What amazes us is the fact how “Educated People” in the Bahamas cannot and refuse to act civil and allow due process to function. The head of the Teacher’s Union is acting like a bully – and it is no wonder children are getting beaten up in school and have no recourse in the leadership in the classrooms.

Fact is: the agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Union prohibits union meetings on campuses without the consent of the Principals. That is written in the manual, which all civil persons should follow.

Also, if the union president was not so erratic in her behaviour, we are certain the leadership at the school and the leadership at Education would be happy to entertain her concern – but good decent citizens know when they see a functioning illiterate individual. And they know when they come across a pure breed ‘JUNGALISS’! Belinda Wilson is a JUNGALISS 2.0 and we hope the “Educated” people she leads will soon see it.

You know, chip don’t fall far from the block – and when we saw the actions of Teachers Union President today, all we could say is look what the country has come to. The UNEDUCATED is leading the Educated. The Blind is being led by Belinda – and in the end – the children suffer.

You see, you always, when electing leaders, must ask who are you and who ‘is ya peoples’?

Belinda is the sister of one of the biggest thieves this nation has witnessed. She was the sister of another rabble-rouser and pickpocket artist who was a career criminal and resident at Fox Hill High! [PRISON].

Gregory ‘Karuka’ Campbell was Belinda’s brother was a known shyster back in the day. Campbell was one who, after talking with him, your watch and ring was gone off your hand. And by the time you turn around he had made a Houdini move – vanished and disappeared.

One day after being released from Fox Hill, ‘Karuka’ Campbell decided to return to his bad ways again, and decided to pick the pocket of a man at Potter’s Cay Dock. There he met his fate. Persons in the area had had enough of the known thief which prison could not reform. Right there and then in the midst of his evil ways, Belinda Wilson’s brother Gregory Karuka Campbell was stoned to death with conchshells by the Potter’s Cay Community.

Educators should remind Belinda Wilson that badness is out of style in the Bahamas – and no child should be allowed to suffer for her badness!

Belinda Wilson is a poor excuse for a Union President in the Bahamas – but, when ya don’t know who you are following, you get what you deserve.

And where is the Christian Council on this? The abandoning of Children in the classrooms! The Council better council the Union President! PRAY FOR HER!!!

We ga leave it there.

We report yinner decide!