Big Shakeup at Central Police Station


<<< Superintendent Elsworth Moss removed from Central Division in BIG SHAKEUP at station.

Nassau, Bahamas !!!BREAKING NEWS!!! <<< There has been a shakeup at the Central Police Station tonight as leaders in the High Command of the Royal Bahamas Police Force move to restore trust in the institution following the prison break last week.

Sources close to the shakeup tell BP, “Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade is determined to cleanup the mess left behind by the former COP. He is committed to restoring law and order back into the country . He is also working overtime to restore trust back into the police lost by the public.”

That process of transfers began early Monday morning with orders from the Commissioner to remove the leadership at Central. Veteran officer Superintendent, Elsworth Moss, who we know has been transferred out of the station to a section at headquarters on East Street North.

The move to ax the top boss comes following the arraignment of two officers who are believed to have compromised their role as law officers and facilitated the prison break last week Tuesday.

Bahamas Press can also confirm Superintendent Wayne Miller, former top boss at the Carmichael Division, was appointed as the new head at Central downtown.

The prison break has finally forced the shakeup following a laundry list of alleged infractions committed by officers at Central. A scathing report early last year by a reporter at The Nassau Guardian, lifted a vale of crimes committed by officers at the station including rape of inmates by officers at the precinct.

In September last year police were left puzzled following the escape of Jamaican national, Omar Smith, into the community from the same Central Police Station where he was being held on drug possession charges.

In April 2008 another disappearing act of a prisoner occurred when American wanted drug lord, Melvin Maycock, walked freely out of a holding cell at the Elizabeth Estate Station; being replaced in the cell by his son. How that happened left police dumbfounded. Someone had the keys to the cell and someone locked back inside the wrong man while Maycock Sr. waked free. Nothing is known of the officer who was accused of releasing that prisoner.


Courtesy of The Tribune.


  1. Say what you want about Greenslade. He is truly fair across the board. He doesn’t care who you are, if you commit a crime you will be punished. It’s about time Central Police Station gets cleaned up… I respect his efforts and encourage all to support him and his stern policies. We finally have a no nonsense commissioner running the police force.

  2. Well Russell you gatta bare in mind that all bahamians are corrupt. The sooner we accept that we can never change. The first rule to recovery is acceptance and admittance. We been in denial for a long time. Then we already suffer from short term memory. Anyone remember the melvin maycock incident on thompson blvd? samd thing happend then. WHO WAS FIRED AND BROUGHT BEFORE THE COURTS IN THAT INCIDENT. cause i forget.

  3. These two police officers are lucky that the judge had given them bail.It was to much of an offense to give either one of them a break. Especially Coporal Jay Sergeant… I dont think it is fair that one police officer should get fired whereas, Coporal jay sergeant didnt.

  4. Where is the Police Staff Association in this latest drama?By their silence they have exposed themselves for what they really are,political opportunist.The former Chairmasn of the association also works in Central so why hasnt he used his “magic’ TO GET THINGS RIGHT?Honesty is not earned by nurtured from childhood.I wish the new Commander well as he is entering a wasp nest if we are to go by the reports emanating from this station.Has anyone noticed that in many cases where UNIONS are associated the efforts of workers are diminished due to interference by their heads who are only concerned with dues?

  5. Commissioner Greenslade is doing a good job in his efforts to clean up the image of the Police Force. Congratulations to Superintendent Wayne Miller, who I know has the commitment and drive to do the job assigned to him.

  6. I don’t blame Greenslade, too much foolishness and slackness was going on up at Central and that’s the main police station in th country, if they can’t get it right, what you expect from the officers that work at the other police stations?

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