Bigtime FNM axed in downsizing exercise and Government fails to protect jobs


Freeport, Bahamas — The Bahamas Government has lost control in the management of the Grand Bahamian economy and is watching by the day the axing of their own supporters in Freeport.

Bahamas Press
can confirm Boarder Moultrie, the brother of Halson Moultrie, and a BIGTIME FNM supporter on the island of Grand Bahama, has lost his job in the axing exercise on that island during the holidays.

Boarder joined the air traffic control department back in 1970. At the time of being axed, he was the manager in charge of air traffic control at the Freeport terminal.

The sad point is this: Boarder had just recently committed to a new marriage and had just gotten a mortgage for a new home for his family.

Friends close to Boarder told Bahamas Press, “The government has fallen into a deep deep sleep on the island of Grand Bahama. They could have partnered with the business community to help save jobs on the island. Here is a situation where their own supporters are being chopped down like sheep for the slaughter and there is no intervention by the government. They have neglected the people of Grand Bahama and have turned their backs on the people of the Bahamas on the eve of a general election. They are shameless!”

In response to the terminations at Hutchison, the Ingraham Government has turned its attention to blaming the PLP. Boy I tell ya, they take responsibility for nothing.


  1. BP,how can you say that the governing party could have fought for him to keep his job? One can also argue that the PLP should have fought to keep the jobs of the nearly 1400 Grand Bahamians at Royal Oasis in 2004 when that resort closed its doors.That was simply beyond their control,BP.What is happening in GB is occurring throughout Michigan,Ohio,Florida and the rest of the US.Put bluntly,BP,the economy is bad.While I am not a radical supporter of Perry Christie,I didn’t blame him for the closure of that resort.Common sense told me back then that what occurred at that resort was way beyond the control of the PLP government and PM Perry Christie.

  2. Media, that’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard.
    So you think, the government of this commonwealth, should make representation on behalf of a party supporter.
    If that’s how you think a government should behave, then God help us.
    Because the “media” is suppose to be the watchdog of the government, and if you standards are below that of the government then you better do your country a favor and delete Bahama Press, yeah man, shut it down til you get it together.

  3. His termination had nothing to do with the FNM but that of the company he was employed. It same as if a company should continue to keep persons even if that company is loosing money. Any company goes into business to make money and now with that position open it opens the door others within the company to reach for.

    • It had nothing to do with the FNM, but the FNM failed to fight for him to keep it. Just like Boxer Minus Wife who they FIRED from ZNS. Don’t blame the FNM BLAME CHRISTIE!


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