Bishop Simeon B. Hall calls on political leaders to UNITE in the fight against COVID19

Bishop Simeon Hall


Brothers and Sisters in the Body of Christ and Bahamians everywhere.

Our country is in a national crisis.

You may know that I am a COVID-19 survivor. Like thousands of Bahamians, God in His mercy has spared our lives.

We commiserate with the almost three hundred families who have lost loved ones by the killer virus.

Our local political leaders, as were leaders worldwide, were caught unaware by this global crisis. However, I have reached the conclusion that party politics must not supersede the health and lives of the Bahamian people.

This is by far the greatest, single national crisis we have faced in living memory. We should therefore be more united and less political.

I respectfully call on the Most Honorable Prime Minister Minnis and Leader of the Opposition the Honorable Philip “Brave” Davis to unite the country in our national efforts to restore some degree of normalcy.

These leaders failed to unite is for monster storm Dorian. And now we ought to be more united to at least diminish this threat to human life.

I wish to go even further – and with the greatest respect – call on Prime Minister Minnis with the support of Opposition Leader Davis to empanel a board of medical and health luminaries to lead us out of this sinking quagmire of uncertainty, sickness and death. Persons such as Dr. Duane Sands and Glen Beneby ought to be re-engaged.

Only when scientists, rather than a politician leads our government health agencies will the public be better educated and lives saved.
Bahamians with other health issues – cancer patients, those with heart complications and even pregnant women – are being turned away as our health facilities are nearing collapse.

I remind you that above and beyond any temporary titles you might hold, you are a Bahamian. You are people of God.

God bless you and God bless The Bahamas.

July 29, 2021
Bishop Simeon B. Hall
Senior Pastor Emeritus
New Covenant Baptist Church