A third Passport Office Staff Dies…

Passport Office employee Mrs. Shannon McKenzie

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting the passing of another Passport Office employee today.

Mrs. Shannon McKenzie passed away today. McKenzie is the third employee at to die following a Covid outbreak at the facility.

Gilbert and Plakaris

Just a few weeks ago Passport Office Clerk Stephanie Plakaris and Dwight Gilbert all suddenly passed away from the same office. Something is not right!

Incoming PM Philip Brave Davis must aggressively begin breaking down, rebuilding and modernising the Bahamas from much of the brick and mortar operations, which create large human traffic into government offices. The Passport Office is such a facility. The operations there must get with the times. COVID19 is NOT GOING ANYWHERE AND WE MUCH CHANGE THE WAY BUSINESS IS DONE AROUND HERE!

BP offers our deep condolences to Mr. McKenzie and the couple children.

May they rest in peace.