Bodyguard for Peter Nygard tells how the Billionaire’s generous kind support to Bahamians is what got him in trouble…Part ONE

Mr Leo Thurston and sons along with Mr. Peter Nygard.

NASSAU| Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard’s kindness to Bahamians is what his bodyguard of almost 30 years described as his only weakness when he came to the Bahamas.

Leo Thurston described Mr Nygard as an incredible friend of the Bahamas whose only fault was being overly charitable to Bahamians.

“I met Mr. Nygard almost 30 years ago when I had first started my security business. He was at a fashion event and we had a conversation and that was the beginning of a long friendship.

“You know, Mr Nygard was a man who listened to what was needed in the community and, when we heard of the plight which may have been facing someone, he would step in and help. He would help anyone who needed assistance.”

Describing Mr Nygard as an incredible friend of Bahamians, Thurston noted how almost overnight people began the lies.

“You know, Mr. Nygard is an incredible contributor to sports, and I recall when he decided to begin a Regatta Tournament overlooking Clifton Bay. It was when that successful event kicked off celebrating the number one sport of the Bahamas, all sponsored by Mr Nygard, when problems started to happen.

“Some residents didn’t want people in the Bay and that is when all the lies started against Mr. Nygard. He is a passionate promoter of sports and culture. He wanted to create events which would bring out the best in Bahamians. He would become intoxicated with our success as a people and that he loved!

“That successful event, I believe, could have become one of the Biggest Regatta Tournaments in New Providence had it continued. But he is an incredible friend of the Bahamas and it is people like Peter Nygard that made a big difference in the lives of many many people across the country.