BP can now confirm a woman shall become the next Governor General of The Bahamas. Sources close to the decision tell us the selection has now come down to two candidates to be appointed as the Queen’s representative.


  1. Whether it’s a woman or man, what bothers me mostly is the cost  of changing Governor Generals, since 1992 we have had five (5) GGs, and once they step down, we continue to pay a pension until this person dies and in some cases the spouse will continue to receive the pension. With the election looming  in  the next two years, if the present GG is capable of holding office why change GG, furthermore, if the present Government should loose the next election , and  the new administration wants to change GG, that’s another GG added to the pension payroll for life, come  on  we can do better especially in these tough economic times

  2. Janet is more of the motherly type right now and would get support from both sides of the political divide.Sir Arthur is a child of the revolution and could fit in nicely as well.This position really calls for a supporter of which Govt is in power to assume the position and i would just enjoy seeing her husband again in playing second fiddle to her.The Bostwicks would bring another element of the pre 67 spirit to GH.After Mrs Bostwick then we can make way for mother Pratt to show just how far the 67 revolution has come.Only in the Bahamas my friends and foes lolo.

  3. well i hope its foulkes. janet and her husband dont both need their face up the queens hip. also i think it would create alot of drama in that marriage.  besides hubert is a male chauvinistic gorilla so i really dont see him appointing any of them two females. maybe lynn if any. and i dont think she will leave that house in lyford cay to go live on that dump on the top of the hill much less carry her AMERICAN husband up in that house.

  4. I’ve always been a great supporter of Janet Bostwick, and I think that she is more than qualified to take on the job as Governor General. She has already made such great strides in history, being the first female Attorney General is one. I would love to see Lynn as Governor General as well, as I think she too is greatly qualified for the position. However, sadly race is still such a disease here in The Bahamas that I do not see her being appointed Governor General a “crowd pleaser”.

  5. given my psudonym i should respond first there are two women in the running thats mean there is a 2 out of 3 chance that one will be choosen so no revelation there so who is the lucky lady? My money on J. Bostwick. why? her appointment has historical all over it. holowesko may prove too contraversial and cost the fnm some grass root votes……we cry racism and remember slavery days so much that we make it our every day reality a kind of reverse discrimination….cant see pass colour……. 

    • yea, Bahamians were so supportive of Obama and his quest to be the first black President….but are we (bahamians) ready for white leadership and representation..or do we see it as going backwards?

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