Family Islander shaken following an early morning home invasion in Nassau


ROBBERNassau, Bahamas — Crime is rising on the family islands and in Nassau it is exploding. A family islander visiting Nassau was devastated as a robber entered their home and ransacked it 3AM in the morning.

BP can confirm the robbers, who appear to be wreaking havoc on the country, awakened the family in the middle of the night.

Last week BP reported an incident where rogue officers were shaking down winter residents and locals on the Long Island forcing the community to send Commission of Police Ellison Greenslade a petition of 200 signatures calling for the removal of the local officers stationed there. The petition was delivered one day following BP’s breaking the story.

From what we understand officers who have an appetite to peddle are shaking down both residents and visitors. However, the latest crime wave is new and has community leaders calling for change.

One resident told BP, “We are from a hardworking community. We are a community that has survived without any anchor development but what is happening on Long Island today and in Nassau is incredible. Home invasions can occur here [Nassau] in the wee hours of the morning because police themselves are lawless as well.

“You carried the story BP how a senior officer took the cocaine sacks away from those illegal Haitians captured last week. Police did say they found 88 Haitians wandering in the community, but did you hear a word how the police took the drugs? Not a word was said about that. Long Island needs help and from what we see it isn’t getting better.”

The family were in the capital for Easter, however, the early morning robbery is leaving one of the victims suffering from a mental shock and panic attacks.

“I cannot sleep BP, the ordeal has left me troubled, and I am now afraid to go in my own home,” the victim said.

“I don’t wish this to happen to my worst enemy, can you imagine a man hovering over you at 3 am and demanding cash? I THANK GOD am alive today and I don’t think I will be in Nassau for a very long. Now I know how tourists feel when they are victims of crime.”


  1. Am sickened when I read of the continuos crime wave that those in charge of enforcement of the laws seem impotent to curtail.Here is the solution:’ENSURE THAT PUNISHMENT FITS THE CRIME’.The ever revolving doors of criminals getting bail must be stopped by having sufficient Mags available to hear cases expeditiously.We dont need anymore seminars on crime as they only repeat the same old story and offer no solutions.Now I have given them one and hopefully they would implement. 

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