BP concerned with approved Briland sail away event this weekend as COVID rips through the community!


Couple from BRILAND die just hours apart! Fredrick and Verdell Higgs died after being airlifted to New Providence!

Fredrick and Verdell Higgs

BRILAND| BP is warning residents in the North Eleuthera community to exercise extreme caution and care as a major COVID19 outbreak and gripped the island.

Just this morning Mr. Fredrick Higgs (a mechanic) died after having complications in Briland and flew into New Providence for medical attention. His wife Verdell Higgs died hours before after she came down with a dangerous Covid variant. The couple has one son Fredrick Jr, who now has to bury both parents.

BP reported today how Briland and Lower Bogue are experiencing a serious problem and the local clinic cannot deal with all the cases.

Many of the islanders, however, are not aware of a major mini regatta-like event which was approved by the Minnis Government is set to take place this weekend at a local cay in the community. Many of the boaters are gathering and will be staying in lodges on Briland where the Covid cluster spread is now unfolding.

We warn residents to do not sail away this weekend. AVOID THE AREA LIKE SIN!

We report yinner decide!