We support The soon to be crowned ‘IRON LADY OF UNIONS’ Nicole Martin and the A-TEAM!!


Nicole Martin, BP’s endorsed candidate for the Presidency of BHCAWU. Below is a group of Union workers calling on Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie to assist in saving the Union as ‘Cheese Watchers’ fought in the courts to have Martin removed for a second time.

Nassau, Bahamas — A vicious nasty attack has been launched against Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union candidate now front-runner to the upcoming elections, Nicole Martin. At least one nasty writer in a local weekly has shown his colourful support for her opponent Lionel Morley.

Bahamas Press will now go on record and endorse for a third time the entire A-team and NICOLE MARTIN in the upcoming election to be held next week. Martin, come April 27th, 2010, shall be dubbed the ‘IRON LADY OF UNIONS’ in the Bahamas when she assumes the presidency on that day for a third time. We shall now declare that she shall put a ROYAL CUT_YOU_KNOW_WHAT on her opponents now call the ‘Workers Coalition’ headed by Morley.

Morley and his ‘vicked’ band of cohorts we have seen before.

Morley you should know and his teams of ‘rat droppings’ are the very same ole band of troublemakers who have put the Union in the mess it is now in. They are the ones in this race who represents the ‘puppet masters’ who have stalled, blocked, thrown into court and out a court the union business. THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

They are the ones who have kept in the cycle of despair and fueled the lost hope of the people who have organized the once strongest UNION in the country.

  • Where was Morley when 1,200 workers saw a pink letter day at Atlantis; FIRED and SENT HOME?

  • Where were Morley and the cheese watchers when 300 Hotel Workers at Baha Mar were sacked and hundreds sent home without pay?

  • Where was his voice for hotel workers when 19 hardworking hotel staff at the Bimini Bay Resort on Bimini was sent home in August 2008?

  • Where was he when 29 workers at the Big Game Resort on Bimini in Sept. 2008 were also sent home?

  • We ask, where were Morley and the ‘rat droppings’ teamsters, when 28 additional workers at the Wyndham were sent packing home on October 17th, 2008?

  • Where was Morley’s voice when on August 18th, 2009 the Port Lucaya Resort announced 32 workers will be laid off at that hotel?

And someone please tell us where in the hell Morley, Roy Colebrooke, and Smith and all of the ‘tight-lipped cheese watchers’ were in August 2009 when Sandals Royal Bahamian terminated the labour of 80 workers; only after firing more than 150 a few months earlier. And while Christie lives in the neighbourhood of the resort and Ingraham is flying in and out Exuma on the jet of that hotel owner, how is it Morley and the ‘cheese watchers’ couldn’t find their tongue to speak against Sandals and their hiring of foreigners to do jobs Bahamians once did? MAN WE NEED CHANGE!

We endorse Nicole Martin one because she is up to no trickery and represents the CHANGE we in this country long for. She is a fighter! She is playing NO GAMES WITH THE PEOPLE! She is one who will get things DONE!

We are supporting Nicole Martin and the A-Team because she was the first who saw the calamity and collapse of the Union and told the people, “I AM RUNNING BECAUSE I SEE THE UNION AND MY PEOPLE ARE IN TROUBLE!” And she said it at a time when the ‘Cheese WATCHERS’ only saw the cheese.

Hotel workers we say stand by our soon to be crowned ‘IRON LADY OF UNIONS’ Nicole Martin and the A-TEAM!!

Workers come out TODAY [ April 27th] and put Morley and da Devil churrin to shame! We say send Morley and DAT ‘VICKED’ band of rat droppings now called ‘Workers Collision’ a good-ole-cut-‘bahind’!

We want CHANGE and for the 3rd WE DEMAND IT!


  1. Nicole will emerge victorious once again… Morley says that Nicole (I guess) are making up stories…. LOL…

    I’ll be there for you again Nicole…. Victory is only a few days away… You will take your place in the history books as the first person in an Independent country to win an election 3 times in less than a year…!!!!

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