BP in Bank Lane – PLP’s Show Up To Back Picewell In Court


1022_picewell_audio_ex<<< Picewell Socca Forbes MP South Andros.

Nassau, Bahamas – Brave’s victory, Christie’s triumphant return and even the tragedy involving three police officers was overshadowed by Picewell Forbes’ Kanye-style ‘all-eyes-on-me’ display which landed him in court today. And ladies and gentlemen, we were there along with Shane Gibson, Fred Mitchell and stalwarts and delegates who left Cable Beach to see the fate of ‘Spicey Picey’. In the front row was GEMS Shena C.

Forbes appeared in Supreme Court before Justice Anita Allen to explain why he shouldn’t be hit with a contempt charge. If you check our link right here on Bahamas Press, you’ll see that the Hometown Boy was dancing a jig after he made the biggest public oops on live national TV saying: “Well, we have some good news PLP’s. Pleasant Bridgewater is a free woman! God is good PLP’s! Pleasant is a free woman PLP’s! God still reigns!”

We at Bahamas Press don’t doubt that God reigns (AMEN), but it sure has been raining SHAME for the PLP after this hot mess has landed Picewell as the biggest blabbermouth in the nation. It’s okay though, at least it takes the attention away from Pleasant. Perry got some housecleaning to do with this one.

On Wednesday night as attorneys and journalists were waiting outside of the courthouse for a verdict to be passed, cellphones lit up like Christmas morning with as editors and well-wishers wanted confirmation to Picewell’s announcement. Even Pleasant and her family were getting congratulatory calls from where they were praying together.

Well yes readers, as promised, BP’s court reporter was there at 10.15am when Justice Anita Allen walked in with a stern look on her face. Picewell took his seat behind his legal eagle team of Andrew McKinney, Alfred Sears and Wayne Munroe. Munroe, has already gotten his name in the Hollywood circle thanks to Anna Nicole Smith and Howard Stern in the inquest of Daniel Smith a couple years back. Meanwhile, Bernard Turner, who was visibly vex when he heard about the mistrial is the prosecutor in this one.allen-j

Allen didn’t pull any punches. She went for the jugular when she asked Forbes why he should not be held in contempt. Munroe said that they team is not prepared because they were unsure of the “precise allegation”.

“It’s obvious,” Madam Justice told him. She reminded him that the charge of contempt against Forbes arose from an announcement made at the PLP convention in the middle of jury deliberations. She also said that there was no evidence that there was a communication from the jury room.

Since Soca Forbes and his team have not been able to prepare, they asked to reappear next week. So readers, stay tuned because we’ll be back on Bank Lane on Thursday when Picewell and his crew explain what they have to explain. [BP Anniversary PhoneCard: 8650 0799 4414]

Meanwhile on Thursday October 22, the day after Picewell’s proclamation, the PLP issued this statement via www.myplp.com: “Last evening in the course of an address at our National General Convention, it was announced that former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater had been acquitted. The announcement was incorrect. We give an unqualified apology. This was not intended to interfere with the administration of justice.”

Picewell’s attorney McKinney told reporters: “We will take whatever steps are necessary to convince the judge that there was no interference by our client with the trial or with the procedures that were required to be followed by anybody including Mr. Forbes.”


  1. Bahamas youth you are indeed a misguided, but there is still hope for you just look at what you said:

    ” I forgiven him based upon his speech last-night but most people are NOT open minded as I am and not forgiving. Im tired of H.I. I really dont trust him he seems so EVIL but if I have to vote for him again I will. Until Perry Christie shows me hes ready to be AGGRESSIVE then I guess Hubert Alexander Ingraham will be the best person for the nation”.

    Come on my friend are you that afraid that you will choose evil over good?Look at this thought,” Im tired of H.I. I really dont trust him he seems so EVIL.

    Take off your coat of fear and vote correctly this time and tell your parents how you feel about the evil one.Vote PLP and assure yourself of a place in heaven.Go to myplp.com and join a PLP branch in your area we have a huge tent.Change your company so that you can get on the right side of history.

  2. @Bahamasyouth
    You are back to talking nonsense and must be part of the special interest group.You are greedy and have never supported the PLP so whats the big deal about whom they select as Leader?Since you want McCartney then nominate asd a candidate for Leader at the FNM convention.Omnly then would I realise that you have courage.lolo.McCartney aint no fool as he knows HAI has threatened to cut off the arms and legs of anyone that oppose him.For your information thousands of young persons were on the outside of the convention hall and many young persons got positions they vied for.Ken dORSETTS TIME WILL COME so stay tuned as Big Bad Brad consuls he and Storr as Leaders of tomorrow.Now stay out of PLP business.

  3. My position on this whole matter is that the Justice should have issued an investigation before she ruled a mistrial. See the notion that “jUSTICE MUST BE SEEN TO BE DONE” as high or a value as it is upheld, it is only a notion. In the court of law, only justice prevails and it is the Justice’s position to administer justice not a popular notion. Clearly, Mr Forbes actions were flawd and immature; but what is it announcement was really seeded by a rumour in the audience and not a leak from the jurors? This means that the Justice lady made a decision based on her personal political passion of bias against the PLP…. Who then would be liable on the grounds of misfeasance?

  4. One should remember the famous quote from Sir. Cecil Wallace Whitefield in the early 1970’s “…prosecute their backsides in jail…( this was one of the most blurred statements towards PLPs across the nation, however the prophecy seems to be manifesting 30+ years later)

    It appears that the FNM is carrying out what I call “THE SPIRIT OF Sir. Cecil’s statement.

    PLPs should remember that; Sir. Cecil’s movement that would culminate in the formation of the Free National Movement came to a head on 18 November 1970 when it became clear to eight courageous parliamentary members of the Progressive Liberal Party that their effort to entrench democratic principles in the PLP would fail.

    In my opinion, those 8 courageous parliamentary members of the Progressive Liberal Party sold their loyalty to foreign powers.

    For the last 6 years I’ve observe the FNM and it’s backing of former “Colonial” and “Foreign” powers are try to land ALL PLP MPs in JAIL!

  5. “THE OLDEST LEADER IN THE COUNTRY JUST SAYING NOW HE IS SORRY FOR THE SCANDALS AND CORRUPTION OF HIS 5 YEARS OF SHAMING THE BAHAMAS WORLDWIDE. There no way the young people will vote for them. His speech was noting more then I am sorry cry baby speech he should had done back in 2007. This is 2009 and Why should we forgive this man for killing our name on the world stage?”

    I didnt write it but very Interesting POST.

    But in all honesty I feel very sad for Perry Christie he is trying so hard but its not really working. I guess he is RALLYING the older people in the PLP and Die hard supporters. But he needs more than just that to win OFFICE. I forgiven him based upon his speech last-night but most people are NOT open minded as I am and not forgiving. Im tired of H.I. I really dont trust him he seems so EVIL but if I have to vote for him again I will. Until Perry Christie shows me hes ready to be AGGRESSIVE then I guess Hubert Alexander Ingraham will be the best person for the nation.

  6. Well Just remember which pool of people who determine the elections outcome. Russell you must remember that the PLP needs the young votes to get in office. Love it or hate it! If general elections was called 2mmorow then ill vote FNM because the plp dont want change like what the fnm press statement stated.

    Im not going to sit down and argue with you PLP’s but im FED UP!… I was actually rooting for yal but PEOPLE LIKE YOU just turn me off from the PLP!

    Fred Mitchel for LEADER!!!!!!
    K. Dorsett for Chairman!!!!!!

    I just cant wait to see the next prime minister of the the Bahamas BRANVILLE MCCARTNEY!

  7. @russell Johnson i second that they are the most spiteful crew see the trend i see developing is dat the youth wan jump the line no one want to go in the trenches they will get a chance if they be patient one leader at a time and brazen to talk bout blind by party well they blinded by greed and power dat dark horse mussy run during the night cause i aint see him

  8. @Bahamasyouth
    You seem to have a good background in ethics so I applaud you.However being a relatively new persons in the political world you need to get all of the facts straight as this Govt is the most vindictive and spiteful group in our history surpassing even the dreaded UBP.Dont worry though Big Bad Brad is back and its time for PAMPERS.Stop believing all the nonsense that the Tribune and Guardian publishes.Well BP gets off when it comes to Christie the undisputed one Leader of the PLP.

  9. @Larry
    notice how shane gibson haul out of that shot in the first seconds of the video… munroe looks like he loves repping international stars

  10. How many lawyers does one negro need?
    Or some of them just wanted to watch themselves on TV on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood. Gees

  11. PLP needs law and order obviously…. You will be a complete hip to think otherwise. Mr Johnson Im no way AGAINST MR. CHRISTIE, however I feel he needs to straighten his leadership style in order for Bahamians to vote for him come 2012. THE PROBLEM I have is with a good much of The PLP supporters WHO are so BLINDED that they can not SEE their own mistakes. And Believe me….. if this continues FNM will be in power for a mighty long time.

    Its obvious that you are a “die-hard” PLP but please listen carefully to what Mr. perry Christie said last-night and how he ADMITS his OWN MISTAKES…. TO ME thats a step and I will give him a next chance because I do believe if he works on his MISTAKES he can fix em’ . These controversy surrounding the convention was based UPON HIM and his WEAK LEADERSHIP. THATS A FACT! Just listen to some honest delegates like Vincent Peet and Alfred Grey who said that Mr. Chrsitie is surely a peoples person BUT they would PREFER if he was more aggressive and if he deliver LAW AND ORDER to his administration.

    But the problem I have is with People LIKE YOU Mr. Johnson who CAN NOT SEE because you are BLINDED by the facts. POINT BLANK PLP LOST in 2007 was because of PERRY GLADESTONE CHRISTIE’s leadership style. The same reason why Tommy Turnquest lost was because of his leadership style AND EXPERIENCE.

    Perry Christie has earned mY RESPECT BACK from his speech and how he admitted his own MISTAKES. Thats STEP ONE!

  12. therealtruth :Bad as Picewell carries on in the house, it is shocking to see him speechless! Just last week a writer to bahamasuncensored wrote about his rude behaviour in the house, the site defended him.He sure buck up quick.

    Of course the site would defend him. It’s run by Fred Mitchell and you see where Mitchell was in the video.. standing right next to Picewell. I agree with the commenters who say there is favoring going on. Travolta and Picewell gone to court quick and so many of us have to wait til our children grown up before we even get a court date. Makes me wonder for real.

  13. @Bahamasyouth
    You seem to jhave a fascination with our undisputed Leader and try to place everything on him.Remember months ago I promised to go on vacation and deal with persons of your ilk.I thought I could return to work now but I better stay.No PLP has anything to do with Forbes comments and our Leader cannot punish him as his matter is b4 the Courts where any punishment would be meted out.Your asinine statement about PC being involved in the Bridgewater case is foolishness being espoused by a very disappointed distractor of Christie who cannot stomach the fact that he is the almost unanimous choice of the PLP to be our “one Leader”.You better withdraw your remark or I shall be all over you from now on and cause you to change your name like the other nincompoop who have been on this site.When you come with your accusations have facts and then if tyou notice I say nothing but if you are clueless then I shall eat you alive with my blog.

  14. @Kim Sands

    Think about it they are supporting a woman who will stoop that low to receive funds. Let me dont forget it wouldve been a BIT understandable if she didnt know the LAW but she is a LAWYER therefore she know what she was doing was WRONG.

    Look at how THE PLP’s did:
    1. Allison Maynard- not much showed to her dad’s funeral and she thanked everybody but PLP. and so did her Brother Peter who knows PROTOCOL.

    2. Allison Maynard wasnt seen MUCH at the convention. She didnt even talk and thats RARE for a former Attorney General not to talk.

    3. MOST BAHAMIANS DONT EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH PLP’s are Involved in Pleaseant’s case. From damn Leader PERRY CHRISTIE to even Obie Wilcombe.

  15. Bad as Picewell carries on in the house, it is shocking to see him speechless! Just last week a writer to bahamasuncensored wrote about his rude behaviour in the house, the site defended him.
    He sure buck up quick.

  16. same ting with extradition the drugs pass us first so why we extraditing establish a drug court and deal wid bahamians in the bahamas this is lunacy its an offence to posess control narcotics this is all a waste of time an money if there is evidence lock em up in bahamas we neeed another jail anyway and a hospital or 2 never mind bout picey plight

  17. why has dis case been fast tracked why my people can get justice why? answer dat please people cant even get corners inquest people can get access to justice they tink we stupid???

  18. why this fascination wid summary justice are we all not humans who make mistakes@ bahams youth so you want pc to fire spicey without delibaration and review of the evidencethe judge ain even decide yet!!!!!!! we cant let others dictate how we do our buisness ya make a mistake the facts are reviewed and appropriate action is taken was messrs,gibson and smith fired summarily was Mr Mona vie, How bout Mc cartney lecturing immigrants at the airport, surely in contravention of protocol……there are many examples of slack talk spicewell payin for dis in the court of public opinion.what i wonder about is what this has to do with God?

  19. All this could have been avoided, because I don’t see the reason for Kanye West, sorry I mean Picewell Forbes to announced this to the PLP convention even if Pleasant was released. After what she was accused of and according to what we were told were on the tapes and Allyson testimony, one would think they would have thought it would have been inappropriate to mention her release at the convention, much less be rejoicing. In all honesty, it caused me to wonder what kind of people would be celebrating something like that. Pleasant shouldn’t even want them making a big deal of her being released either, if it was indeed true. You would think she would have been only too humble to go home and thank God that she wasn’t going to jail. All I have to say is, every time you start to think these politicians have reached their limits, when it comes to embarrassing people, they find a way to take it up another notch. It’s already bad to have a former Senator on trial for extortion, now a major political party convention caused the mistrial. Is there no end to corruption? Can you imagine what people around the world must think of us?

  20. Well Perry Christie has FAILED as LEADER ONCE AGAIN!
    No consequences for Mr. Forbes’s action which makes PLP Look even more STUPIDER!

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