BP is Paging FNM throwaway Candidate Michael ‘Crazy Boyoo’ Pintard


Senator Michael Pintard - STILL STANDING? We ga see.

San Sal, Bahamas Michael ‘Crazy Boyoo’ Pintard was back on San Salvador, this time with his Nassau supporters in red fatigues, promoting the island’s new community Internet room, which is located in the FNM headquarters.

We at BP could not help but notice the ZNS report on the new web shop, which some say will now introduce Island Luck and pornography to the children of San Salvador.

Pintard dropped in the centre some of his unwanted books for the children to read when he landed on the island. The centre we are told will be opened sometime soon.

The FNM candidate was introduced in a launch on the island last week. Papa, in his rude boy, thuggish style, came to the stage with his hat turned back and his shirt out his pants like P diddy, calling Pintard a renaissance man.  He told the audience he came to talk about “his man” .

P diddy [Papa Diddy] then, like a nasty sailor who does piss in beer bottles and give it to people to drink, was pissing for the rest of the night on the innocent gathering, saying, “Yes, don’t mind ya getting vet, das rain!”

And while talking about Pintard, he said nothing about his dangerous past when what we know would shock the islanders.

Papa made no mention that Pintard use to peddle drugs and one time got hooked on them. Everybody remember how young men in the 80s got hooked on drugs and use to sell dey mah curtains for twenty-five cents right? Well, Crazy boyooo was one a them.

We not only remembered how he sold it, but also how he had to report to Sandilands to shake out and dry out like dry conch.

The same way we remember how Papa used to piss in bottles, we at BP remember full well how it was back in the day, in the ghetto when mama used to find the front room curtain GONE!

Pintard become the runaway candidate for the FNM who got rollout in every constituency he attempted to run. He went to Blue Hills and the FNM there called him arrogant and told him to ROLLOUT! He then went to Fox Hill where he said he had family and investments and again the FNMs there told him ROLLOUT! Pintard then ran to Cat Island and San Sal and by summer the residents there told him to ROLLOUT!

He went to Grand Bahama where he has residence and in Marco City and East End Grand Bahama and this time PAPA told him to Rollout and go back to San Sal. We believe the people ga show him better than they could tell him. Pintard soon get ROLLOUT for good into early political retirement.

And all we ga say is: Boy, das some **** eh?


We report yinner decide!


  1. This is outright ignorance. Mr. Pintard is a very intelligent young man and I am disgusted with the way that you guys are talking about him. This is just awful….but it’s expected with PLP’s. They just “back ride”. FYI guys, you won’t sway the young votes by this. Young people will not buy into this ignorance. I apologize to Mr. Pintard and his family with regard to this article. If any other MP deserves this, it’s definitely not him.

  2. Investigation may prove that Pintard was asked to leave Tuskegee University for leading a revolt sometime in the mid 80’s and for seditive behaviour in Canada. Not sure he graduated from both institutions.

  3. Wow, he wasn’t a crackhead like the guy on the movie “Friday” with Ice Cube and Smokey eh?

    Mann this is indeed some sticky *ish if in fact true! Laud we need Bahamian artist Puzzle to write a song on this!

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