BP murder count hits 80 for the year! Man gunned down early this morning…



BP is reporting more murder and mayhem on the streets of the capital as there is another victim of slaughter carted into the morgue.

Bahamas Press is now at the Princess Margaret Hospital where sources tell us another young man has just one hour ago succumbed to his injuries.

Sources tell us sometime around 1am, a young man, who was shot several times in the Young and Deveaux Streets area, was rushed to hospital battling for his life. However, after a valiant effort by doctors to fight for his life, the young man believed to be in his early 20s died shortly after noon.

BP records this incident as the 80th murder for the year, and the 266th since 2009 was shot multiple times.

Now at an all time high just six months into the year, family members are screaming for JUSTICE!


  1. My people please understand, The devil knows that he has but a short space and time to do what he has to do, when God ask satan where you’ve been he said boldly walking to and fro the earth. He’s entering the hearts and minds of people to kill steal and destroy. Don’t you understand that satan is setting up his kingdom to detour people from serving and trusting god/ he’s setting up number house on every street and every corner and the number house is own by some folks who supposed to be men of God, Pastors falling and fooling around with baby girls! so with that said you pray to the God of life to keep the enemy from destroying and stealing your life. I wonder if the Bahamas has now get to the place where God says don’t pray for them because I won’t hear you, Or has he put a cloud between us and him that he don’t see us our he just allow the devil to reap havoc on this place. Every day you have killers and rapers thiefs and gun craze being born by the devil, So when will we have preachers teachers reall pastors real spirit fill people be born? I say no more.

    • Seek the Lord while he may be found, call up on him while he is near, let the wicked man forsake his ways. Um Um Um! now who is wicked? is the wicked the man or women with the gun? is the wicked the one who kill the creations of the almighty God? Na the wicked is the mothers who knows there sons have weapons in there houses and refuse to turn them in. The wicked is the girl friends who know their so call boy toy just kill someone last night and because she feels that she’s in love with a tug and that she’s protected from death, she put a deaf ear and a blind eye to it. The wicked is the police that takes guns and sell it back on the streets because most of them come to the force with revenge on their minds, the wicked is the pastor/s that rape and use there powers to go with lil girls and tiny boys, The wicked is the one who stir up mischief and add wood to the fire watch the pot boil over before they sit and devour the spoils from it, The wicked is the Government to fail to put the proper laws in place to deal with the tugs because two to one they have tug sons them selves hiding out in there house, The wicked is the law makers who live up east and out west and say you know let the middle plains kill up one another. But two wow has past and behold the third wow! is about to sound, The wicked is the prison guard makes the killer feel so much at home that when he’s on the streets he have no respect for God nor man because he understands that in Jail he gets 3 meals smokes drinks and every thing else what comes in the packet. BUT! The wicked shall be turn into hell and all the nations that forget God. BAHAMAS have you for gotten God? Or send your kids to the number house instead of taking them to church? Or you hitting Kalik bottles with your kids instead of teaching them Godly principles? Or you the mother who hold the drugs for the daughter and the father who secure the guns for the son?, Or you the Judge who set the killer free because he’s your friend kid or your next door neighbors child? Or you the Politian’s who beat and slam on the tables in the house of assembly and have a big laugh because the murder count has not yet reach your house? YOU TELL ME. To all the victims family may the God of heaven grant you peace even if you were the ones that hide the killer son in your house until a other killer kill him. I say no more

  2. Tonique and the Golden Girls aint gat nothing on these criminals. They going fa da gold. They been training fa years, and hoping for the right slack situation to unleash on our collective azzes.

    Aint no steriods involved in this one, they pushing-off on lone leaded sky-juice. All I can say is stay lock down in ya house, cus dese sum-bitches looking to break 100 by mid-August, and headed towards 145.

    Gaddam, Bolt aint gat chit on them. Da record gone.

  3. The Govt needs to resign and seek a new mandate from the electorate.Persons must be placed in Cabinet who are nationalistic and not partisan.I refuse to comment on the Minister of National secuirity as we have his record of incompetence on display for all to see.Former COP Reginald Ferguson must also be made to shoulder the blame with hapless Tommy T as it was they who broke up the Police Force for purely political reasons.It gets scarier by the day as everyone now stands the risk of being killed.Call Gen elects now so we can stem the lawlessness on our streets.

    • Russell Johnson,

      Who in the house of assembly you think, not a party, but a person that is qualified to run a military, a police force, prison, border control, narcotics, human smuggling, illicit firm arms, rehabilitation centers, prevention management, strategic planning, 30 day suppliers, 90 day suppliers, the drug peddlers, and the number sellers, and all the other forms of illicit activities in this land.

  4. These young fellas really need to ease up. I have at least 10 young gals, each with 2 baby a piece, wanting to face-book me for relationship. The baby-daddy either dead or ‘vanished’.

    Dam, seems like the Bahamian fellas who are left after this slaughter and bullchit, will be called upon to ‘play daddy’ to more than one home.

    I honestly believe these fellas doing this foolishness to escape the responsibilities of adult-hood. What cowards. Now the rest of Bahamian fellas will be stuck with the task of cleaning up their mess.

    This some chit this country in.

  5. What in the hearts of men, women, children is what it is, speaks to a greater community problem, The Government as the policy arm has a role, the church along with each and every citizen. to blame one entity is silly and speak once again to the dirty game of politics, of which helps no one… It may be time for the Government to bring in external experts to analyze our current situation and offer a plan to help curb this problem.

    • @ Think Bahamas
      It may be time for the Government to bring in external experts to analyze our current situation and offer a plan to help curb this problem.

      For weeks I was saying the same thing on this site, but they will not post the remarks, about the government having the right persons in the right positions that are qualified on both sides.

      Let’s take a look at the last ministers that were in charge of national security and their qualifications. Now look at our current situation in the Bahamas. I say you need some sort of criminal justice back ground to run this department.

    • four plus years ago, Tommy T, this cartoon character, made a promise to the Bahamian people that he would put a huge dent in crime or eliminate crime in The Bahamas. This failure claimed to have all the answers to the crime questions,Well the rest is history. I wonder why the PM hasn’t found a foreigner to be minister of internal security. Talk about a cesspool of incompetance. This FNM government, is one giant cesspool.

    • The government has no money to spend on such people. If so it’ll probably be people who pretend to care about the welfare of our people just to be spongers! No this kind of situation requires a much greater force to solve. (without being so religious) But this requires first that each person individual understands the value of prayer and exercise it! And this requires a unified MOVEMENT across this nation to stand against crime. I’m talking about marches after marches! Protesting! A committee designed to stand/fight against crime! Nothing that last 2 to 3 days, but rather MONTHS! Which requires work and dedication!

      This requires longer school hours! To keep students in classes and off the streets! Obviously this too would require teachers who have the students at heart (a Morgan Freeman-Lean on me). Leaders to stop arguing like children in Parliament! When our media is posting things like, “PM and Opposition Leader Walk Together To Fight Against Crime” then we know we are headed down the right path! God bless our nation!

  6. The wutless government FNM

    Wow!!!! The Bahamas is really doing bad with this crime predicament. PLP You all have to get back in power becuase the FNM haven’t come up with one solution to this vexing crime. The murder rate will reach up to 125 if they dont put their foot down and stop it. They only want to spend money on roads, roads and more roads. You know what is 80 and its only July? 96 was last year thats only 16 short. Well I done know I have to put my vote to the PLP logo. Cannot trust these wutless government like the FNM, their slogan for 2007 was TRUST how could that be if they cannot deliver on that trust… Tell Perry listen to our cries ad he will get his prize (GOVERNMENT) I will still support him no matter what. You all needs to start rallies and get the gun started… PLP! PLP! PLP! SO SAID SO DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • So you really think that red, yellow, green, aqua, magenta, lavenda or any “political color” for the most part will solve our crime problem?

      Impossible! We as a people think that lawyers are the solution. In almost all cases, these same lawyers go to the best law schools, in my opinion to practice defense criminal law aka how to keep the criminals out on bail… out on the streets! So please… political colors won’t solve our problems.

      Social programs like all politicans suggest… FAIL! In order to beat crime, you first have to understand who is committing the same offences and try to determine how we can combat them. Where are the drugs coming from? How can we stop that? What routes are the go-fast boats taking to get the guns/drugs here? How do we combat that? Once those drugs/guns infiltrate, who is stashing them? Obviously, only a small handful of persons are selling guns to many persons. Let’s get the intelligence and bust these safe houses. There is so much we can do to deter crime, but we must first get to the core of the problems and get serious.

  7. Isn’t the murder count about 90 plus when you add to the official count those murders that have not been classifield, not reported and the police killings? Why are the crime statistics being suppressed? I believe we are only being told of some of the murders in Nassau and some of the murders in the Family Islands particularly Grand Bahama. Why are we not being told about all those persons who have been deported from the United States to The Bahamas for serious crimes? Just thought I would ask

    • homicide is just that, sum are justified and sum are not, some is murder and some is not
      police killing if justified are homocides not murder
      remember when fergy kill da bey who rob da shop? das a homicide but not a murder so i dont know how they calculating

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