BP SUNDAY SPECIAL >>> Is Justice bought by Save Da Bays?


Agent in Save Da Bays filed affidavit from investigator when Registrar was closed! WHAT IS THIS?

 A group of male and female judges and lawyers, wearing traditional Bahamian court attire, gather outside a building. --- Image by © Kit Kittle/CORBIS
A group of male and female judges and lawyers, wearing traditional Bahamian court attire, gather outside a building. — Image by © Kit Kittle/CORBIS

Bahamas Press wants an investigation into how an Affidavit was stamped hours after the Government Registrar Office was closed?!

Nassau, Bahamas – To be collecting a cheque from operatives deep inside Save The Bays, the Super Pac seeking to destabilize the duly elected government of the Bahamas and to bring low the office of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, just got more difficult as Bahamas Press is about to uncover serious revelations as to who is on the take.

We can report a number of “Suspects” in the exercise of treason are now being monitored by investigators and, from what we know, this is not going to end well.

Sources deep inside the environmental operations tell us, “…Things are not going well inside since the blowup of the tapes proving that former FNM Chairman Michael Pintard along with detectives with Bain Town and Pinewood residents were all caught on tape. The staff is reduced to checks and this really is not what anyone should be subjected to. This is like working in Sobibor, one of the death camps set up by the Germans in the days of Hitler.”

We at BP are gathering much news intel, and today what we report confirms payments from Save Da Bays have now led investigators into the bedroom of a member of the judiciary.

We can confirm a big-time law firm on Shirley Street has been retained by Save Da Bays to represent one of its Directors in a filed action in the courts over this ‘Hit Men’ matter. That hired attorney is the husband of a sitting Justice! What in da hell is this?!

Just last week Wednesday a new affidavit was filed and published in the Tribune the following morning, suggesting that the two alleged “hit men”, Livingston “Toggie” Bullard and Wisler “Bobo” Davilma, had lied in their second affidavits filed by the Peter Nygard attorneys. BOBO and Toogie cannot be found by the police and we believe someone has hid them both in the Dominican Republic. This new third affidavit has testimony to Mr. John Joseph DiPaolo, a Fort Lauderdale based investigator, who entered the country as a “regular visitor” and unlawfully conducted investigations with the two men. Michael Pintard was also in the room recorded coaching the men on what to do and say, while explaining how they will be paid to tell their lies.

On March 14, Commissioner of Police Dr. Ellison Greenslade questioned how Mr. DiPaolo came into the country to “work without any reference to the Royal Bahamas Police Force”! How the detective, said to be hired by the local group, ended up in the country investigating criminal behaviours without being vetted by SIB is amazing. And further, those who organized, paid and instructed the investigators to do such must be in serious problems with the law!

BP’s editorial investigators can confirm a Save Da Bays employee boarded a flight on Wednesday morning to collect the third affidavit given by Mr. DiPaolo, but upon return to the capital the plane ran late. We can confirm, the Save da Bays staffer did not arrive in time to get the affidavit stamped before the 4:30 close of business day within the Registrar. But interestingly, the time stamped on the affidavit was beyond 5:30pm, long after the public office had closed.

The stamp on the third affidavit leaves the questions: Who waited around the public office just for the Save da Bays third affidavit? And who filed the document after the government office had closed, all to meet the Tribune’s print deadline? Details of the affidavit by Mr. DiPaolo were then published hours later in the Thursday morning Tribune.

Minister Jerome Fitzgerald in Parliament revealed how Save da Bays has paid the Tribune some $15,000 per special edition for its Save da Bays supplement, which means the environmental group has the morning daily on the payroll along with a number of other “suspects”. We have seen the payments and, boy, this ga be serious for many.

All we at BP say is this: Something is fishy within the judiciary and it ain’t fish!

We report yinner decide!