BP tracking the British Elections…Conservatives now ahead


Breaking News <<< BP endorsed candidates for the Conservative Party is already having a great night as the UK Elections returns. As the results move in tonight Labour is down and Conservatives are UP….BP is backing the Conservatives and its leader David Cameron.

“The Labour government has lost its mandate to govern,” David Cameron announcing now…..


  1. Seems like Clegg wants the torries to have a chance at governing. So there goes Labour’s only shot. Not sure if Cleg wants to form an alliance with the Torris though. So Cameron may have to rule with a minority government, unless he gets the other parties to join.

  2. Four Labour ministers lost seats in British elections thus far. Cabinet ministers fall in the British Labour Government as Conservatives surge into Government! BP reporting breaking into the morning LIVE!

  3. Congrats to Mr. Cameron. Now he has to hope the Lib-Dems and Labour dont form an alliance if the Torries dont get a majority.

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