BPL Freeport Cartel Renders Final Blow with $60,000 slop?


NEW Day Crew still playing Games with faithful supoorters! Rebellion Grows Inside PLP!

SLOP COSTING $60,000!?

NASSAU, The Bahamas: Well Whitney Heastie and the Freeport Cartel tried to withhold the BPL staff’s bonus and the New Day government stepped in and opened their clenched fists, and now they are serving pig slop to staff and calling it “Merry Christmas”. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!

So the Freeport Cartel, which has vanished into thin air, spent a whopping $60,000 on a “Christmas meal” catered by Manuelo’s Restaurant and left their minions to pick through it and serve the leftover slop to staff. 

Claiming COVID, but we know better, BPL’s management, headed by the Kingpin Heastie, Evil Missick and Long Stroke Rollins refused to have a party for staff because of how many battles they have lost to the union in their bid to “financially molest” its members. 

So the latest blow was to deny the staff its usual Christmas party and instead give them not even a semblance of a Christmas meal, but a sloppy half empty box of rot. PHEW!!!! (Hold ya nose!!)

Everyone knows Manuello’s to serve classy food which is why BP knows the evil Cartel’s minions played up in the food and served slop to the staff with no consideration for Family Island staff or staff who work at substations. That budget lil suspicious too!! $60,000 for mashed potatoes??!! WHAT IS DIS??!!

The food was at the Headquarters and what line staff got was two slices of non-picnic ham, a sloppy spoon of mashed potatoes, a piece of macaroni, grease infested soggy plantains and some coleslaw. Now does that sound like a Christmas meal? Prison food, maybe?

BP was lurking on the premises when we heard a whole $60,000 was spent on food. We expected a Christmas feast and had brought some beers in to wash it down. Now imagine our disappointment when we saw the SLOP IN A BOX that we planned on taking. We had to say, WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!!

Now we don’t know what’s going on with this new day government cause we are trying to figure out WHY IN DA HELL Cartel KingPin Whitney Heastie, Evil Missick, Long Stroke Rollins, Choir Boy Quincy Parker and Dunce Cap Sebastian Heastie are still employed at BPL. 

In the same breath we are trying to figure out why the BLOW JOB QUEEN is still at ZNS walking ’round claiming to be untouchable. Did she perform her services on someone in the new day government? Has the NEW DAY government forgotten what BLOW was rendered to the neck of the OLD DAY government? WHAT IS DIS??!!

What will make the New Day crew stop playing games, whispering in the dark, barking at the moon, and remove the executives at BPL instead of promising that they will be moved. There are a number of qualified PLPs and generally decent Bahamians waiting to take those jobs and live in harmony with the workers of this country instead of trying to do them in!

We at BP are not scared!!! Trust us on that! We are never afraid to take on and if necessary Bring Down a Government!

We are going to ask the HOT question: SHOULD WE HAVE VOTED FOR THE NEW DAY GOVERNMENT? Why are its members hesitant to do what was promised?? IS THE NEW DAY GOING TO START MOVING FORWARD??!! Inquiring minds want to know! BP needs to know!