BPL’s Wicked Heastie Driven Regime Fires Director

CEO Whitney Heastie. (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

NASSAU| BP has one question!! Why is Whitney Heastie still employed at Bahamas Power and Light? 

The President of the Freeport Cartel is still in place at the electrical corporation, harassing staff in secret and now FIRING a director who always tried to be fair to staff. 

Since Madman Lying King Minnis hired Heastie, he has been nothing but trouble for staff at the corporation.

Now, the Director in charge of Risk Management, Shavonne Johnson, has been sacked by Heastie because she was just about to expose some of the dirt he and his Freeport Cartel were doing.  

BP’s sources have revealed that Johnson confronted Heastie about a number of wrongdoings and there was a major blow up in his office.

Right after the blow up, he summoned his sweetie, Evil Missick, Director for HR, and said, “If you don’t want this woman running her mouth and causing problems, FIRE HER NOW! Pay her out and have her escorted off this property before she run me hot!!”

Naturally Evil Missick carried out her boyfriend’s wishes immediately. BP is learning that BPL may not have heard the last of Johnson as she intends to sue and let the cat out the bag on how much dirty, under the table deals have been carried out by Heastie and the former chairman Moxey. 

Now BP will continue to watch this mess to see what comes out of it, but again we ask the question, WHY ARE WHITNEY HEASTIE and EVIL MISSICK still employed at BPL? Their government is out of power!! WHY are they allowed to continue their tyranny??!! 

Is it truly a new day for BPL employees?? Mr. New Day Chairman, we need some answers!

Meanwhile we at BP wants to thank Prime Minister Davis for protecting Bahamians by holding off BPL increases on the power bills. Most a yinner may not noticed it but since Davis became PM in September 2021 the light bills have dropped by almost 60%. Ya think Minnis dem was raping us with the light too? What is dis?!

We report yinner decide!