Branville in talks to form “THE COALITION OF INDEPENDENTS”

Branville McCartney MP


Nassau, Bahamas — February 16th was marked in history as the day when Leo Ryan Pinder became the duly elected Member of Parliament of Elizabeth. The historic cut_you_know_ what left Papa and the FNM weeping and wailing for days and tonight, your BP is warning all politicos to mark the date down in your calendars.

We brought you the story in early December one year ago, how ‘SELFISH’ Malcolm Adderley, the defeated former MP, was set to abandon the good people of Lizzy. We then told you how the ‘Bad Candidate’, Duane Sands, called the people of that community “GREEDY”, and that he would not become the elected MP for the area. Well, BP was not wrong! We believe we have an excellent batting average, and tonight once again, if providence don’t commit it otherwise, our credibility and stake in the landscape of media in the Bahamas will expand into a new territory.

In what is being called, “THE COALITION OF INDEPENDENTS”, Bahamas Press can confirm Branville McCartney has entered talks with a number of free PLPs and DISGUSTED FNM to form an organization of the same.

We can comfortably confirm, the MP for Bamboo Town shall become the Parliament’s newest Independent Member if talks proceed successfully. It is quite possible that if the men who seek to disrupt the political plans of Ingraham find success, the country we believe could be thwarted into high pitch election fever overnight; derailing Ingraham’s Parliamentary agenda for the rest of the year.

Former FNM Meritorious Council Member Roscoe Thompson III, who resigned last year from the Party.

Bahamas Press can confirm some ten (10) men inside the support base of the FNM and other fraction politicos throughout the country have met on a consistent base to form the new COALITION. We are told South Abaco hopeful and former FNM meritorious council member, Roscoe Thompson III, has agreed to play a meaningful role in establishing the new political base.

BP can confirm the group have sought talks with former South Andros MP, Whitney Bastian, among others.

We can confirm, the group has composed in its rank leaders of several powerful Union blocks in the Bahamas.

One member associated with the pack told BP, “We are prepared to throw a political wrench in the wheel of the FNM and make sure true representation reenters the Parliament next time around.”

A headline article appearing in today’s Guardian carried comments from the Bamboo Town MP stating: PM lacks Compassion. The statement forced a response from the FNM, which we know, is under a heavy barrage of infighting.

In a press statement issued late tonight, FNM Chairman Carl Bethel stated:


The vast majority of Bahamians were surprised to read comments attributed to FNM MP Branville McCartney in the newspaper this morning accusing the Prime Minister, Hubert A. Ingraham of lacking compassion.

The Free National Movement was formed and has always conducted its affairs in a manner that encourages the free expression of ideas and even an element of dissent within the confines of the Party. Freedom of speech has always been fundamental to the FNM. Hence, the public personal attack launched against the Prime Minister is surprising since Mr. McCartney has always had within the councils of the Party the right to express any concerns about compassion, or the alleged lack thereof. Indeed, Mr. McCartney attended the Central Council meeting of the Party last week and had every opportunity to voice his feelings to his colleagues, peers, and those Party Officers and activists who he hopes to lead some day.

He said nothing about “compassion” even though he spoke about other issues.
The public record showing the extraordinary compassion, empathy and love of the Prime Minister for the Bahamian People, the poor and the oppressed, cannot be thrown into dispute by Mr. McCartney.

Indeed, compassion is a virtue best expressed by actions, not words; and the Prime Minister throughout his political career has always shown great compassion for others. His policy initiatives, infrastructural improvements, stimulus packages, assistance with electricity bills, social spending, unemployment insurance and educational innovations in these tough times all speak louder than words of the Prime Minister’s compassion.

The Prime Minister’s personal journey from the bowels of dire poverty in his childhood, to the heights of achievement for the Bahamian People as a visionary, compassionate Leader and Prime Minister is well known. His efforts to uplift the poor are also well known.  What is perhaps less well known are the private and individual interventions made by the Prime Minister personally to assist hundreds, if not thousands of Bahamians over his years of leadership and public service.

The Prime Minister’s love and compassion for the Bahamian People is second to none!

There may be policy differences which divide politicians, but any attack based upon an alleged lack of compassion is nothing short of political posturing! There is no question that such an attack upon the Prime Minister is totally without any foundation and must be viewed as merely the manifestation of a personal agenda.


  1. @ Young Person, you seem to have all your thoughts and opinions in order. I really like your input on both party leaders as opposed to individuals who side with any given party no matter what they do. I encourage you to stay on the positive side of the street encouraging your peers to express themselves also, and maybe this would get the attention of present and aspiring politicians with the exception of the current Prime Minister and Opposition Leader who clearly has no vision for future generations in this wonderful place called The Bahamas

  2. Excellent thoughts young person, I agree 100%, and my sentiments are the same.

    NEEDED: New faces, New Ideas, New Plans.


    I am 40+ and I am astounded as to how drastically our society has deterioarated and taken right from under our noses, I am frightened to think what it will be like in another 10-20 years!

    Good work BP!!

  3. @ taylor. I’d accept your position with respect to Mr. Christie as your argument indeed may have some merit. Unfortunately, he has done a poor job in my humble opinion at conveying that point to the Bahamian ppl. Maybe this time around he will be successful, however my position that we are in need of new faces, new blood, etc. wont change. The reality is the politics of the 70’s is no longer appealing…..just my position on the matter. Please feel free to disagree. This is what our politics should be like…Persons free to express themselves honestly, respectfully, and sincerely irrespective of their political affiliation. At the end of the day…We are all still BAHAMIAN!!! (Now if only our politicians would practise this!!!)….hmmmm


  5. This is my first time posting on this website although I’m an avid reader. Being a young person (under 23) and a lover of history, I must say that it is definately refreshing to see someone who has the ability to speak their mind. I think I speak for most young persons when I say that Mr. Ingraham and Mr. Christie unfortunately have passed their time. They are really out of touch, and I dont see either of them having a vision or plan for this country say 20 years from now, maybe 20 years ago they had one but clearly today they are lost. The mark of a true leader in any arena is determined by their ability 2 say Ive done my best and its time to leave.
    With respect to Mr. Mccartney, I applaude him for atleast being a MAN and saying how he feels. In a country where we talk so much about democracy and its importance I find it amamzing that ppl can criticize him for exercising his right as a citizen of this country. Im confident that what he said is the view of many, including FNM’s. Esteemed gentlemen like Mr. Turnquest, Mr. Bethel, Mr. Foulkes I’m sure cannot agree with everything the PM does or says. Why lie to the people and say that you are in support? Forget this whole ‘agreement with the party’, YOU CAN DISAGREE WITH A PARTICULAR STANCE OF YOUR PARTY AND STILL BE A LOYAL MEMBER OF THAT PARTY….when are we going to actually be mature with our politics. This constant rift raft, tit for tat politics is what is holding this country back. PPL be so loyal to their parties when the exression of their disagreement can very well lead to a better outcome …and we wonder y crime is so high, when the leaders cant be mature, reason, and solve issues without the petty insults, slurs, etc…jus remember, s**t always rolls down hill and the crime that is so prevalent at the bottom of society is only a result of the ‘crimes'(i.e. the bs) that happens at the top.

    What amazes me as a young person with this administration is the apparant lack of care for the common man. For example, the whole idea of moving the port to arawak cay was done after careful planning and consultation with the owners of those entities, but when it comes to the man on Blue Hill rd there isnt a need for consultation. Something is horridly wrong with that. What are you saying? One set of business owners have a right to participate in the decision making process that will affect their businesses but another group doesnt?

    In my humble opinion, it doesnt matter who wins the next general election, be it Mr. Ingraham or Mr. Christie….we the people will be the losers. We desperately need a brand new captain of this ship we call The Bahamas. Some who will seek a bi-partisan approach to solving our problems, someone who will put BAHAMIANS first, someone who cares about the MAN living through MIAMI ST the same way he cares about the man living on the EASTERN RD. Someone who seeks to empower that man with NO GATES around his house, with the same effort and energy as the one who lives BEHIND THE GATES………

    • Great contribution and certainly food for thought youngster.It is so good that you have been reading and therefore you understand what is going on.Make sure register to vote as every vote will count.Find out from your prospective representative what his plans are for your area and not what his partys manifesto might be;making himself/herself available to speak with constituents as much as possible.Dont let them short change you with tshirts.Tell them to present their resume.

  6. boy 2012 is going to be interresting hey you have the plp,fnm ,ndp,workers party,love party vanguard and soon to be the coalition of indepedents,all you need now is paul Adderley and the BDP i want my t shirts(lol)

  7. Bran isn’t confused; he knows exactly what time it is. If he says the PM lack compassion, clearly he would know what caused him to arrive at such conclusions after being around the man for so long. He knows just how petty papa could be if he believes for one minute somebody gone against him. He knows papa still upset and he still haven’t forgive him after he gone act fresh and resigned from his cabinet last year. Bran isn’t no fool; he knows papa is a pro when it comes to holding grudges. I guess Bran now realizes that you can only apologize so much, if a person doesn’t want to forgive you there isn’t anything you can do. I believe Bran gone and tried to work things out with him, but papa is just set in his ways. If t he PM was like that when he was younger, I don’t think there is any chance he will change now. Anyway, Bran is a smart man, he know the PM doesn’t have anything good in store for him, so I don’t blame him for being open publicly with his feelings. He already stood up to papa before, so he might as well keep going, aint no turning back now. He need to look at other parties or consider starting up a new one as an option, because if he stays under papa he will only try to put his foot on him. Bran is good man and he was always my man of business. Wherever he goes I will support him, because both he and I share the same view that is Bahamians should come first in the Bahamas.

  8. He has signed his political suicide, just like a spoiled brat, can’t wait his turn…patience is worthwell, like all our grandma’s use to say “nothing before its time” both leaders Perry and Hubert gat one more term, it would of been to his best benefit to build support, use the stepping blocks of Politics, be the number 3 in the Cabinet, then Deputy and then Leader but “can’t wait Brenville” for every Obama there will be a Tennyson, Algernon, Nottage, Paul Moss,Raynard Rigby, Rudy G, Howard Dean and others who would just be known as Politicians who commit political suicide who ran before their times…Ryan Pinder for leader

  9. As much as Branville is a good MP, I believe he has signed his political death warrant. He is following the steps of Tennyson Wells, and look how that ended.

  10. A puzzling reaction to The Honorable Branville McCartney by the former “didn’t do so well” when in cabinet Carl Bethel. CB seems to be angrier with BM because he didn’t say what he said behind the always-closed FNM doors. CB had a whole list to prove the PM’s compassion for Bahamians. I think CB gets Bahamians and Haitians mixed up. CB says the PM’s compassion was demonstrated by providing assistance with their electricity bills. Oh really? Isn’t this the same FNM party that put the locks on Bahamians electricity meters, and only offered assistance after Bahamians revolted? CB a growing number of FNM supporters in the last election is doubting your Boss man even own a handkerchief to cry in?

  11. how could bahamians be so stupid and sit back and let this man put strangers befor it’s own people. all of those bahamians house that burnt down and family murder you never see ing-rum there to help and show compassion but when the hatian them get burn out not only hog heart ing-rum was there. but he building home for them why because ing-rum and brent given out free papers to these hatian so they can vote. my lord they always say if u sleep with dogs you will catch flea’s

  12. Ain’t nothing Papa can say or do now cause the die done cast for him. The FNM sold out we Bahamians Lands. FNM may just repeat the history of the UBP. You remember how few seats Pindling left the UBP with after he whip their backsides so much Sir Stafford Sands run to the Cayman Islands, never to set foot on Bahama Land again. In fact I think they bury him in the Cayman’s. I ain’t sure, sure it’s true he bury there but maybe somebody know of his Tombstone anywhere in the Bahamas? The few left standing after the General Elections under Ingraham, going end right up where they start off from, at Spring Hill Farms up in Fox Hill. It be the first time most these FNM’s even been to Fox Hill.


  14. Brother Branville said it all when he said: “They want to know that this place called the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is for Bahamians,” he said.”

    Let’s not forget Ingraham did not leave Pindling’s cabinet voluntary, he was fired. Booted out.

  15. Mr Mcartney is a good man he stands up for us BAHAMIANS.If he start a new party i will support him. What he said in the papper’s on wed is the true.Mr Mcartnet is the only one looking out for us BAHAMIANS and thats what we need .The future is for our kids.Mr Mcartney i support you 100% YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO STAND UP FOR TRUE.IF the PM wrong he right to some of them in the FNM party if a person is wrong let them know. YOU GAT MY VOTE

  16. IMO, if Bran is going to leave, then leave. stop dropping hints, because before long, your either going to be another boy who cried wolf (Algernon Allen) or a “to late Sammy”.

    Papa knows Branville wants to be fired. thats what this is all about.

    It seems as if Bran wants to create an image of him being an independent personality and the best way to do that is to make it seem as if your taking on your leader and then being fired like Perry, Papa, Tennyson and Pierre were back in the day.

    But you cant trick a trickster. Papa saw this coming thats why he is not going to fire Bran. He is going to make Bran make a decision.

    If Papa was to fire Bran, it would make him look so bad in the eyes of the public and in his party and only bring more attention and praise to Branville. thats the last thing Papa wants.

    What you see transpiring between Bran and Papa is a game of “who will blink first” and knowing Papa, he wont loose. Thats why Bran needs to grow a pair and just leave. He should have done it a yr ago!

    If things were better economically, Papa would have kicked Bran out of the party by now. The fact that Bran is still in the FNM should tell you that the FNM knows just how bad the political climate is for them going into the general election and firing Bran would only make things devastatingly worse.

    The FNM and Papa knows a 2002 type tsunami is coming. For Papa and the FNM, 2012 is about finding ways to minimizing the damage!

  17. Poor Branville, under heavy pressure from the likes of the anti-Ingraham crew. Wells,Allen,NDP and the likes. Bran problem is ….he talkin too much, out of too much different mouth. Obviously they want start something with Ingraham. They expect Ingraham to fire him now so they could use that against him and ride on the wave to an election victory in 2012. Bran is too easily led. He may have good work ethics when he ain’t profiling, but his leadership qualities are non-existent. He is only the FNM’s version of Perry Christie. Unless you plan to LEAVE the party don’t fall into the trap that these Bahamians who been calling the talk show already set for you Bran!!!.

    • truthhurts,i agree with you a 100%,i dont think that Bran is speaking for himself,but some other ballsless polictician who dont have the nerve to go up against ingraham,Bran is a good fellow he has the popularity and support of many on both sides of the electorate but it he has to make a decision as to what he wants to do,Bahamians love popularity,but they also want leadership,and thats where the pm has gone wrong with his people,perry on the other hand is a waste of time,Brave needs to get his act together,we need a real government,not a bunch of puppets.

    • I don’t know if Bran is being pushed into this. But I must say at least he has the balls to say something. The spineless backbenchers of the FNM say or do nothing. They just sit like asses in the house and don’t say a word. Don’t they recognize that the PM is only the leader because we allow him to be. The party doesn’t have ownership and we are tired of just one set of people in the FNM thinking they control everything. PM Ingraham has served us well and now its time he move on. The weakling Minister of National Security and the dithering Foreign Affairs Minister will never be PM. They have had their chance and they did not take it. So when you take to long to move, dog eat your lunch.

  18. The die is cast and there is now no turning back.The next step for the FNM is to bring McCartney before council and ask him to apologise.He will refuse and therefore will be thrown out of the FNM.He will become the Leader of the NDP in the HOA and thus the birth of a third party will be born.This is fascinating as for the first time in the history of our country persons stand the chance of being elected under the banner of a third party during a GE.For peace in the FNM PAPA might have to resign and allow new leadership to emerge.Poor Carl he is only releasing this press statement as it can be seen that its really not him speaking.I will go by McDonalds 2morrow and have breakfast there.

  19. The PM, former PM Christie and Foulkes the GG should all know something about walking away from a Leader who had lost his way with the people. These three men rose to the highest offices in our Bahama Land. That’s all I got to say.

    • only couple Bahamians who was around and could still remember are here today most Bahamian have died or left the country

    • Love your choice of song, BP!

      I read the news of Mr. Bran McCartney’s comments with great interest and concluded that since the enemy of my enemy is friend, I would wait to see what level of defense Mr. McCartney is prepared to offer the Bahamian people, as we fight to rescue our nation from corruption and chaos.

      Comments made to former FNM Chairman, Johnlee Ferguson on today’s Hardcopy by a supporter of Mr. Bran McCartney suggests that there is great concern in his camp about the withdrawal of the FNM Council’s nomination for the Bamboo Town nomination where he now serves. Well, you’re not going to make a cake without breaking some eggs, gentlemen!

      So please decide quickly where you will line up for the battle, as the lines are clearly drawn and the Bahamian people are alredy the winners! While the details and specifics of who will manage what aspects of our national life in the very near future are yet to be worked out, NB. there will be no mercy for sideliners who appear at the finish line seeking to declare a victory in a battle for which they have not fought!

      Listening to the decimation of Mr Johnlee Ferguson’s illogical arguments on today’s Hardcopy should give all politicians a preview of the coming attractions. No mercy, No prisoners and No retreat! You are either marching with the Bahamian people or you will be trampled by our forward movement!

      Signing off for now, as I must listen to the replay of HARDCOPY at 11:00 PM on 105.9 FM radio.

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