Brave Davis says if the FNM cannot hear “MAKE THEM FEEL!”…VOTE THEM OUT!

Hon. Philip Brave Davis MP for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador.

REMARKS: My brothers and sisters tonight my heart is heavy laden.  I am overwhelmed by despair.  I am grieved and greatly saddened.

As I look at the state of our country today I am consumed by a sense of hopelessness.

Hubert Ingraham and the FNM are destroying this country.  They are governing recklessly; they have no compassion.

The average Bahamian has no place in this country under the present administration.  We have been relegated to second class citizens in our own land.

To think of all the struggles and frustration my father and his father endured to make it better for me, to now come to a day when a democratically elected Government would throw it all away.

It pains me to think of the Bahamas that my children and grandson will inherit if we allow Hubert Ingraham and the FNM to continue on their path of national destruction.

The Bahamian people are crying out!    They are tired of the miserable second class existence.  I feel the anguish.  I know their pain.  They have had enough of this heartless Government.

It is time to put an end to the lining of the pockets of the privileged few at the expense of the many.

In the midst of my sadness though, I am encouraged.  I am encouraged that it aint long now! I am encouraged that soon and very soon the bell will be rung.

I am encouraged that Bahamians in droves will stand up all throughout this country and be counted.

They will shout in one accord.

Brave Davis and Ann along with supporters at PLP Rally tonight.

They will send a resounding message to this insensitive and uncaring Government…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

They will be voting PLP!

As the people of the Bahamas in great numbers showed Ingraham and his out going Government that we have had enough, so will Bahamians show them again very soon for the last time.

The FNM have heard the people.  They know your plea.  They just don’t care.  They have turned a deaf ear.

As my mother would say, those who would not listen will feel!

Last year, Elizabeth made them feel. Today the Unions and concerned Bahamians warned them that they will feel again!

Enough is enough!

All of them will be made to feel – the whole rotten bunch!

These fellas can’t be serious!  Blind Bartimaeus can see that things just aint right in this country!

We have a Government elected by the people bragging about the number of work permits they have issued and the moneys they have collected yet skilled Bahamians by the thousands are unemployed and idle.

Something can’t be right about that!  This can’t be The Bahamas!

Hubert Ingraham and his crew sent talented Bahamians from ZNS home.  That was a failure.  He failed to listen.  He could care less what the unions had to say.  Now they’re advertising positions left right and centre!  Rehiring people who were made redundant!

They don’t listen…so you gotta make ‘em feel!

Just look at the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless!  I believe most Bahamians do not object to the privatization of BTC!

The vast majority of Bahamians, are opposed however to the sale of BTC to a company with a track record like Cable and Wireless!

The people have spoken, the Unions have spoken, all other political parties have spoken out against the sale, the staff has spoken – but do they listen?  Do they care about the views of the average Bahamian?

They don’t listen…so you gotta make ‘em feel!

Something is stink and rotten in the whole process and it aint just the FNM!

Is it a coincidence that the CEO of URCA is a former Cable and Wireless Executive?

Or that the Human Resources Consultant hired by URCA is also a former Cable and Wireless executive?

Or that Cable and Wireless’ chief negotiator, Sharon Brown is a former BTC board member and a person known to the FNM?

Or that Cable and Wireless was invited to the table well after the bidding process was over?

Enough is enough!

You aint fooled by the games … so you gotta make ‘em feel!

Julian Francis made it clear during the privatization process that Bahamians need not apply.  Hubert Ingraham stated in the House of Assembly last week that the sale will happen no matter what.  In other words they could care less what you and I and the majority of Bahamians think.  Don’t they realize that BTC does not belong to Hubert Ingraham.  It belongs to the people of the Bahamas.

Since they refuse to listen, you gotta make ‘em feel!

Ingraham, Laing and Julian Francis are all around the place bragging that cell phone rates will be slashed because of the sale to Cable and Wireless.  Tell the truth Mr. Ingraham!  Tell the truth Mr. Francis!  That can be done today!

A simple proposal to URCA today can result in cell phone rates being cut drastically today.  We do not need Cable and Wireless to do that.   Stop insulting the intelligence of Bahamians with such foolishness.

We lowered the rates before and the profits of BTC grew as a result.

Hubert Alexander Ingraham, Zhivargo Laing and Julian Francis, if you really care about the price of telephone services and the hell Bahamians are catching, lower those prices NOW!

Challenge them!  Challenge your Member of Parliament! Ask them why won’t they do it NOW!  The urgency of NOW is here!

If they won’t hear us now, we must make sure they feel us later!

BTC represents arguably the most valuable asset that has ever been agreed to be sold in the history of the Bahamas.  It is an important matter.  This is serious business.

Its debate should not be reduced to bar-room chatter with smokes, mirrors, half-truths and false choices.

The debate and vote in the House of Assembly in several weeks is a crucial one.

Tonight we need to sound the trumpet and echo the call for the partisan whip to be removed for this most important upcoming BTC debate. Let every man and woman stand as man and woman in the House of Assembly.

Remove the partisan whip and let your members vote their conscience on behalf of the people that sent them to the House!

This is serious business.  This is no time for voting along Party lines!  This is a time for every parliamentarian to vote individually as a Bahamian!

Every bucket gotta stand on its own bottom…that time is now!

BTC is a treasured national asset.  Drop the partisan politics.

Ingraham once said that he aint never scared…well don’t punk-out now ma brother!

Do the right thing!  Remove the whip!

It’s time for every man to be man and every woman to be woman!

Parliament is a place for men and women, not jellyfish!

We need men and women in the House of Assembly and not a maximum leader and a band of puppets.  Bahamians deserve better.

Bahamians it is time to fight!

It is time to fight against Hubert Ingraham and the bastardization of the Bahamas.

It is time to stand up for the future of our country!

Are you ready to be counted?

Are you ready to make them feel?

Are we ready now?

Hold on my brothers!  Hold on my sisters!

Stand up!

It aint long now.



  1. When did Mr. Davis realize that “BTC represents arguably the most valuable asset that has ever been agreed to be sold in the history of the Bahamas?” Seriously, when did he change his mind? THIS KIND OF IRRATIONAL CONDUCT IS WHY I FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO BE TIED TO ANY OF THESE PARTIES AS A MEMBER OR ENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORTER.

    The PLP cannot absolutely change its mind about the sale in the way that it is now proposing. Suddenly, the PLP NO LONGER WANTS TO SELL 49% OF BTC TO A STRATEGIC PARTNER. This prompts questions about their competence, patriotism or integrity amongst other concerns. There is absolutely nothing known now about the propsects of BTC as a key player in telecommunications in this region or it’s potential to empower Bahamians through shares issuance that wasn’t known back in 2002 – 2007.

    What is clear to me (oh, the joy of being free to be honest in all political assessments) is neither the PLP or FNM are IN STEP WITH THE DESIRES OF THE CITIZENS. If the PLP changed its mind simply because of the overwhelming opposition by the people, then it means they went into the discussions and negotiations, even to the point of agreeing to an ownership division, totally unaware that Bahamians would not support the notion of foreign ownership, but would agree to foreign management like NAD at our international airport in Nassau.

    The PLP is just as out of touch as the FNM.

  2. it is sad to see some bahamians continue to support a government that brought so much hardship on the bahamian people. i want someone to name one perfect goverment! the plp has brought prominents to many people! including the ones that are hurting now. this government has met plenty work already in the pipeline. so it was,nt hard to continue but it did stop review and cancel plenty also. i can surely vouch for that in Briland. (road work, waterlines, proper power and so many others

  3. “It is time to put an end to the lining of the pockets of the privileged few at the expense of the many.” In your own words sir, we have not forgotten when you were in government how you lined you and your cronnies pocket. at the FNM’s are looking out for all Bahamians and our country. We see improvement everywhere we go. Hey and you don’t see them living in lavish houses out west, cause most of them are there to help all the Bahamian people in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. So when the bell ring i’m voting FNM, cause you know what, you’ll really beating the BTC issue. By the way, Mr. Davis can you tell me one positive thing the FNM government has done to date? And do please tell me what your government did form 2002 -2007, you’ll are jsut to hungry for power, so Bahamians WATCH OUT…….

    • Perhaps the PLP strongman Davis cannot provide you with one positive thing the FNM has done because they have not done anything positive in 5 years. The FNM has raised taxes on the backs of the WORKING POOR OF THIS COUNTRY LIKE NO OTHER GOVERNMENT! And yesterday, they decided to bring the Rottweiler dogs to bite them if they protest! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON HUBERT INGRAHAM AND THE DAMN WUTLESS FNM!



  4. BP, I provided a comment and now I see that it has been deleted. Is that what freedom of speech is by your definition?

  5. boy yall plp hate’rs sure talking now where yall was all the time brav’s is the clean up man after ingrum them mess. so show respect ok. five yrs was wasted like it or not plp is the next goverment final. yall say the fnm and plp is the same well plp allow they people to get some of the pie thats for sure if the people get some we wont complain its like a bird getting all the big worms and not given any to his chicks who looking up and crying for some. a leader is judge by the people they impower unlike the fnm who impower foriener take yall head out of ingrum @#$ so you can see whats going on.

  6. now i know i,ve seen it all! first four replies talking fool.a third party will not win this time around. in about tens years they would have a serious voice.

  7. Well and good.
    Show us how you would be different Mr. Davis.
    In 2002 you promised a fresh wind, but what did you blow?
    Is it enough to just keep telling us how bad the next guy is?
    Show us how good you is.

  8. Brave and when we vote them out, who should we vote in, YOU, HA HA. The FNM (First National Mistake) will not win the next electin.
    Where was youll voice before we started to speak up. We have not heard from the official opposition in three years.

    • Obviously you havn’t gotten the message.
      In 2012 we the people will decide.
      In 2011 after the analysis you should contact your representative and ask him/her how will his/her vote on BTC go!
      Good luck you will need it

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