Breaking News <<< GLENN GOMEZ sacked this morning as head of Customs!!!!


Glenn Gomez sent home after stopping FNM election material from clearing.

FNM goon caught bringing in election material

BP investigators report the move came following the interception of FNM election material by department officers.

Sources in the department tell us customs officers discovered an uncleared trailer parked at the Sandilands Centre – still under construction since Jan 2010 by FNM henchman and goon Floyd Wilmott.

We are told the manifest listed the material as building, however closer inspection found it was election material brought in by Wilmott’s Telco Enterprise company….

BP will report more details today…..


  1. tommy knew just what he was talking about cuz its the plp who failed to declare what they really paid for the contents of the 40ft container….get it together because people who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

  2. What is the use of publishing this stuff if he is not going to beput before the courts!
    I think that the way both groups, plp and fnm, have ran this country can be compared to the new york mafia!!! Ask Corruption International.
    He’d probably have a plp hotshot lawyer represent him anyway, and the police will lick his boots and kiss his cheeks.

  3. (are you serious) And Tommy get on stage and say it was the P.L.P that did that….oh tommy boy a change is got to come .Bp could you please break down what Ms fox hill was talking bout last night (like a good jummper she was all over the place)thanking christie fer making the stadium a hurricane shelter cause the whole bahamas know that was his plan ….

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