<<<<Breaking News<<<< A police officer and a security guard stationed at Marina Village on Paradise Island have been shot! Bahamas Press has learned from our deep throat on the RBPF that the incident, which occurred just :20 minutes ago, has officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force swarming the Paradise Island location at this hour.

BP is not aware of the condition of the victims, however, no guests at the resort is said to have been injured in this latest shooting incident.


  1. What I find amazing is how so many persons in this country are so quick to point fingers. What the H..L are we’re doing to help reverse this pandemic. Everywhere you look around in this country people are breaking the law……the reality is that the Bahamas has become a lawless society. I can assure you that Mother Pratt, Tommy Turnquest, Hurbert Ingrahm or who else we’re quick to blame are anyway responsible for the high rate of crime. This pandemic has been with us from the time I got to know myself with no sign of receding. The questions all of us should be asking oursleves is Where are the Parents of these bastards? What happened to their value system? We’re talking about cold blooded killers – persons who have no compunction when it comes to taking a life. We as a nation are producing these people. Somewhere somehow something went wrong in this country. Its about time we as a people take a hard look in the mirror, because pointing the finger will not solve anything. The answers are deep within each of us and I think its about time each of us begin some soul searching. The political leaders must shoulder some of the blame but more importantly we as a nation must accept our portion of the blame. Things are not getting any better so we better wakeup Bahamas!!!!

  2. @Rad

    RAD your so right!…. Tommy Turnquest’s personality is NOT SOMEONE WHO SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF NATIONAL SECURITY. CYNTHIA PRATT same with her!….. The sad part about Tommy is that hes very young but he dont use his FRESH INITIATIVES in his Ministry.

    Branville McCartney is young and inexperienced but if you ask me hes finding new INNOVATIONS to help fix his ministry. Here it is its him who recommend and enforce the Camera’s on downtown. Its Him who recommended and enforce A 24/7 EMERGENCY PHONE-LINE within his Ministry. Hes using his YOUNG/FRESH Ideas to better off his ministry.

    Tommy is a nice person but hes not a INNOVATOR, Hes not aggressive, hes not RESPECTED to be called leader of the FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT. Now I honestly dont know if Tommy gets leader of the FNM and Perry stays leader of the PLP. Who would win…. But I know for sure ill be voting PLP if it comes up to that.

    Free National Movement needs fresh young leaders like Branville McCartney who is PRIME MINISTER MATERIAL but just need experience and time, the same with PLP. They need new fresh people. If I was them ill get the PRESIDENT of the Nurse Union to join their wagons lol even though shes a lil IGNORANT… But she dont play and they need people who is aggressive and I know shes a BIG TIME PLP.

  3. @Drama King

    Though I would never support Mr. Turnquest if he vies for PM again and though I agree he os not fit for this post of National Sexcurity Minister, I must concede and acknowledge what we all must recognize, decisions about hanging criminals is way above his ‘pay grade’. He may execute the formalities but can only do so under specific madate from his boss. From what I can recall no PM in recent history supports capital punishment of this nature.

  4. Well, I’d ask what next, but I know the answer(s). 1. NO MORE LOCALS in Marina Village except employees (and I think that was always the plan). 2. Min. of N.S will go on a cruise until the excitement dies down. 3. More employees will be laid off due to the alert that will go out from the U.S. Embassy to American travelers, hence further crippling the economy and adding to the uncontrolably escalating crime frenzy. So, my question is, “Is it time yet to visit the possibility of diversifying our economy and seeking other means of sustaining ourselves as a Nation?” BTW “Who voted for this again?” Proud to say “it wasn’t me!’ My sympathy to the families of those officers.

  5. @ larry
    truth is many criminal cases go unpaid it may be hard to believe but these people have no money…to appear before the C.O.A is tens of thousands dat chap they want hang as example came here to the bahamas and was abandoned by his family who were hatian migrants…yes he was convicted no argument there .but there is a process to be followed tommy knew this he was only going through the motions…..the problem with the death penalty is it has not been applied evenly cyril darville still alive rememba him the butcha, woodside memba her killed a nun, wh0 that famous contractor who shot the man picking fruit was not hanged oh yeah he was white so when you say hang you mean black males 18-31 memba tthat check the records

  6. With lawyers like Ducille and Wayne Munroe, ain’t nobody gone ever get hang. They try read the death warrant on that one fellah, and it didn’t work, it ain’t gone work on nobody, basically because the lawyers making too much money from this system. We the people are basically screwed. Although I am not wishing it and in no way advocating it, I always wondered how people like Mario Ducille, Wayne Munroe, and yes Brave Davis and other hotshot defense lawyers would feel if one of their family members got killed. Would they defend the person accused of it?

    Well Player we said that the late 1990s before Archdeacon William Thompson died. Hubert Ingraham was Prime Minister then. Almost 17 years later Hubert Ingraham is still in power and we’re saying the same thing.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. Ease off Tommy!! What the hell is he suppose to do???!!! He has a boss to answer to and HIS BOSS is the one who wants to go easy on criminals

  9. Hang these bastards and stop PISSING around!!! Now they on PI shooting law enforcment. Stop playing with these thugs and hang the bastards!!!

  10. Oh yes BP…. Im receiving word that the boy who killed the security who is a RESERVE POLICE IS IN HIGH SCHOOL…. He shot the boy in THE HEAD…. The boy shot the man 3 TIMES……

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