BREAKING NEWS >>> Another reporter fired



The beautiful reporter and anchor on JCN Paige Ferguson has be UNCEREMONIOUSLY fired from JCN, Jones Communications Int’l Ltd. Bahamas Press heard the news of Ms. Fergurson’s sudden dismissal at the news organization just after a Colina executive told our newsroom that, ‘the Guardian is currently entertaining an additional 12 persons from the Jones network.’

Back earlier this year Colina raided Jones Communication, cleaning out the talent in that establishment to form the new 106.5FM station. The station is already making waves in the community as its summer promotion announced a $100,000 give-a-way along with ‘Free Gas’ to listeners on Fridays. The station is said by some to have already clinched advertising dollars from Jones Communications leaving the 14 year old Love 97FM in serious financial trouble.

Bahamas Press quoted a board member at Colina saying, they intend to ‘CLOSE DOWN’ Jones. And that the initial raid was the beginning of things to come for the Jones organization.