Breaking News >>> Bahamas News Ma Bey [BN] gets rewarded a Senate seat for the FNM!


JAMAL MOSS working with FNM Fake Campaign messenger out of the US.

Nassau, Bahamas – The Minnis Administration is shaping up inside the Senate but we in the public are still waiting to see who got the job to serve in the Upper House.

According to a list the FNM went deep in Fox Hill and picked up the name Jonnyanne Dorsett. She we remember was the MP in Fox Hill many years ago. Ranard Henfield who we know organized marches to trick Bahamians was also rewarded a seat around the Senate table. His status we still question and wonder if he resides in the country.

But what was interesting is how the online operator, who worked with Lincoln Strategies out of the United States also got a job to serve in the Senate. Bahamas News Ma Bey operator, Jamal Moss, did plenty work in producing online material for the FNM leading up to the general elections. HE IS NOW SENATOR BN!

Since the Press Secretary has yet to tell yinner who the FNM Senators are we have decided to issue the names to help you see who ga represent da People.

Jasmin Dareus
Jenny Isaacs Dotson
Dwight Sawyer
Jonnyanne Dorsett
Sharon Ferguson-Knowles
Ranard Henfield
Kwesi Thompson
Dion Foulkes
Carl Bethel
Jamal Moss [BN]
K. Forbes-Smith – PRESIDENT

We report yinner decide!