A major resort on Bimini looking to close its doors as it is concerned with the new Review and Cancel attitude of the Minnis Administration…


Bimini Bahamas

Bimini, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is learning that the concern about jobs is already on the line for the new Minnis Administration as one developer is already discussing the possibility of closing its doors.

The move could send home scores of workers only days after the hotly contested General Election. Bimini is one of those islands that was heavily developed under the Christie Government and moved from a fishing village to a city.

Already the banks have heard of what may came as RBC pulled out of the island already, leaving only the Postal Service to allow transactions in the community.

Sources deep in the room tell us, “The Minnis plan to sell hotels, namely his bold announcement to sell Bahamar, has frightened off investors, a statement he has yet to retract. This could cost investors to lose confidence in the Bahamas and by extension jobs.”

Bimini had moved to near zero unemployment under the Christie Government, but in the end they opted to roll with “Da People’s Time” campaign and looks like that soon that will be a reality.

As one Biminite reported, “It just might be the People’s Time to go home!”

All we at BP say is this: “Save da $50 dey gave ya during the elections.”

We report yinner decide!