BREAKING NEWS >>> DPP Vinette Graham Allen Moves On – Government Names New Acting Director of Public Prosecutions….


Mr. Garvin Gaskin is the Acting Director of Public Prosecutions

Mrs. Vinette Graham-Allen

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms DPP Vinette Graham Allen stepped down as DPP and has decided to move on. The news coming late tonight issued by Government communication services BIS.

In the Statement the Government wrote:

“The Government of The Bahamas advised today that Mrs. Vinette Graham Allen, the Director of Public Prosecutions, has expressed the desire to be released from her contract with the Government of The Bahamas so as to further her professional development and career.  The Government has agreed to her request.  Mrs. Graham Allen indicated her gratitude for the opportunity to make extensive contributions to the administration of justice in The Bahamas. In wishing Mrs. Graham Allen Godspeed  in her future endeavours, the Attorney General, Senator Allyson Maynard Gibson, acknowledged and thanked her for the significant contributions that she has made to the administration of justice, which contributions include but are not limited to successful prosecution of the first Trafficking in Persons (TIP) matter in the Supreme Court; assistance with the establishment of the TIP Task Force and advice in relation thereto; assistance in setting up Case Management and Witness Care divisions to further the successful implementation of Swift Justice and enable successful prosecutions. Further, through her role as Executive Committee Member of the International Association of Prosecutors (“IAP”), IAP  Regional Representative for the Caribbean and General Secretary of the Caribbean Association of Prosecutors (“CAP”), she forged strong links between the Office of the Attorney General,  the IAP and the CAP.

Garvin Gaskin new Acting DPP

“Mr. Garvin Gaskin is the Acting Director of Public Prosecutions.”

Mrs Allen with appointed in 2010 amidst a firestorm of controversy surrounding her appointment as the country’s new Director of Public Prosecutions. The appointed caused a major court-battle between the government and then Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl Grant-Bethell, who has filed a suit against the government, the attorney general and others claiming she was “entitled” to the post and overlooked for the high profile position.

Mrs. Graham-Allen replaced former DPP Bernard Turner who vacated the post to become a Supreme Court justice.

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