BREAKING NEWS >>> Domino's Pizza Store Closed!


Domino’s Pizza branch at the foot of the Paradise Island Bridge.

Nassau, Bahamas: Bahamas Press has been reliably informed that Domino’s Pizza location at the foot of the Paradise Island Bridge has closed its doors effective January 1st, according to a source at the eatery.

“The bridge location is now close. This is a direct result of sluggish sales and poor performance at the location, the staff has been informed that several will be relocated and whilst some others will be terminated from the establishment,” an employee told Bahamas Press.

Bahamas Press has also learned that as early as tomorrow morning, termination letters will be issued to workers at the eatery. “With the new year just upon us, this is clearly a sad way to start off the New Year,” the employee said.

Bahamas Press has also learned that a second store will close in the coming days with staff at that second location also slated for the unemployment line.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham had warned Bahamians during his holiday greetings on national radio to be prudent in their spending as more layoffs are expected to continue throughout the country.

Whilst other Domino’s locations were opened on Thursday, a sign appeared on the window at the bridge location advising patrons that its Harbour Bay branch will now service the area.

Domino’s has yet to announce to the public the store closing on radio, despite its many airtime advertisements. Not a single word was mentioned about the closure, which some employees noted, was known before the holidays.

We at Bahamas Press wonder why?


  1. I found it quite silly to locate to two stores which are probably 5 minutes apart. It may be understood that they where trying to commodate customers efficiently, when they had opened their new store in the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza. However a location should have had been thought about more thoroughly, in an area where services may have been needed more. Its so propostorous when my mother-in law, had called from the Harbour Bay locaton to order a pizza for delivery. She’s located on Shirley Street, which is the back of the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza. It was revealed to her that she had to order from East Bay because of the maping boundaries. That was so ridiculous I mean her resident is walking distance from the plaza, but yet she couldn’t get the pizza delivered.

  2. Morehands you are on to BEAKING NEWS LIKE US. Domino’s Pizza terminated 20 of its employees on yesterday and yes you are correct, our sources have confirmed that the next location to close will be in the Blue Hill Road branch. Which will result in more terminations.

    Isn’t it concerning to you however, that some 20 persons are today out of a job, and NOT a word is said about it in the WUTESS MEDIA? No wonder we must upgrade to accommodate the thousands who frequent Bahamas Press.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: There is also another company we know of that will dismiss more workers on next week, lets save that for next week to see if the WUTLESS Media, who is in bed with the Ingraham government, would say a single word about what is happening to young hardworking Bahamians.

  3. The only thing that I can see working in this location to replace this dominos is an electronics store which specializes in cell phones sales and repair. There is none in the vicinity and a strong Potters Cay client market for this. If I had the resources, I would probably expand my business portfolio into that area.

  4. Like when the Tiny Shop closed out, Domino PI bridge closed because of simple economics. It was doomed to fail as soon as the Harbour Bay branch opened, which can now quite ably cover PI pizza orders and there are no houses in the near area of the bridge branch for orders in the evenings. There is very limited parking at that branch and you have to deal with speeding traffic trying to reverse back onto East Bay. Dunkin Donuts bit the bullet in that location years ago. And besides, the Harbour Bay branch has an ice cream parlor inside and City Markets, Lowes, etc. I would pass over that branch any day and any time to go to Harbour Bay.

    The next Dominos branch to close will probably be the Blue Hill branch. It is in a horrible location, is in an impoverished neighborhood with few homes. In the evenings, folks are more likely to go for Bamboo Shack right up the street and Bamboo Shack always has a long line of customers when you pass, while Dominos is typically empty.

    Things would be much better for the franchises if they open branches in East Street South or Carmichael Road. These are where the general Nassau population now live.

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