Breaking news on Bahamas Press….


Bahamas Press has been reliably informed that a senior officer of the Royal Bahamas Police Force will leave the force and resign effective immediately following an investigation within the organization. Bahamas Press is following this story.

Bahamas Press has also been reliably informed that a group of local government officials are currently being detained at the Central Police Station following an investigation on a family island. Particulars have concluded that the officials have been brought to the capital to be formally be charge in their involvement in an alleged act of defrauding the treasury of thousands of dollars. One of the officials is a local government administrator on the island. The group is trying to arraign bail this afternoon.

Lawyer Willie Moss was arrested and charged and with contempt of court today. A magistrate slammed the lawyer with the charge after a heated exchange by Moss spun out of control into disrespect for the judge. Moss is being detained in Central Police at this hour.