SEX in the Bahamian Classrooms


Bahamas Press has attained the raw sex footage in a Bahamians classrooms. The ministry of education along with all of their media agents suggested that these are not Bahamian students, however we have not only received the facts on this, but have been reliably informed by a representative of the ministry of education that these clips are the production of sex DVDs now sold and circulated on campuses around the country.

Bahamas Press is calling for the resignation of the principal of Queen’s College, following a statutory rape incident where she sent a minister in the Bahamian Cabinet’s 17 year old son a one week suspension. Who is protecting the young from these incident above, when we know that student are peer pressured in to these kinds of act whilst on school campuses?

Bahamas Press ask all persons involved in that Queen’s College incident to act quickly and report the matter to the police by 12 NOON this Thursday May 15, 2008, failure to do so will result in the full disclosure with names, including the minister of the cabinet and the upload of that surveillance video.