Queen's College 'Statutory Rape' incident still silent



File photo of a raped victim showing signs of withdrawal.

Nassau Bahamas – Police have yet to investigate a ‘statutory rape’ incident at the prestigious Queen’s College School on Village Road. The victim of the incident just 13 years old and the abuser of the crime is the 17 year old son of a Cabinet Minister who is about to graduate this June. Police have reportedly failed to even attempt to investigate the crime according to a parent, who said she will draw her 13 year old daughter from the school. The 17 year old Cabinet Minister’s son is said to be walking around campus ‘giving the other young girls the eye’ after a one week suspension (slap on the wrist punishment) by the principal.

“I cannot believe this could occur and now this is all out in the public eye, still there is no investigation by the police? Suppose this was my daughter you mean to tell me, the principal would attempt to cover that up? NO way! The irate mother said.

The young girl, being the victim in this incident is said to be under great pressure, being called names, whilst her 17 year old attacker lurks on the campus for another victim.

According to the laws of The Bahamas a 13 year old cannot consent to sex. And anyone under the age of 16 engaging in sexual activity by an older person, their attacker has committed ‘Statuary Rape’ whether consented or not. Further, anyone failing to report such crimes the law also punishes. For their failure to report an incident, the punishment of up to 2 years in jail can be ruled. (THE PRINCIPAL AT QUEEN’S COLLEGE AND ITS BOARD SHOULD READ THIS).

Bahamian police have failed to investigate the incident which occurred over one month ago, and are on record as saying, “we deal with official reports. We don’t start investigations based on hearsay or reports in the media.” Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Raymond Gibson said.

However the acting assistant commissioner has fail to note a clause in the force where a police can stop and investigate on suspicion alone. Could it be that police officers- particularly this senior officer not know their role in protecting the innocent in this society? PARTICULARLY A YOUNG, INNOCENT CHILD IN SCHOOL WHO IS BEING RAPED BY BIG GRAY MEN?

Again Bahamas Press calls on the government of The Bahamas, particularly the minister of national security Hon. Tommy Turnquest to act and investigate this latest crime of “STATUTORY RAPE” at Queen’s College on Village Road immediately. We also call for the principal, Ms Andrea Gibson to resign immediately! “FORTHWITH!” For failing to protect the young in this society, and for failing or refusing to report this matter to the police.

Bahamas Press ask all persons involved to act quickly and report the matter to the police by 12 NOON this Thursday May 15, 2008, failure to do so will result in the full disclosure with names, including the minister of the cabinet.


  1. BP i understand where you coming from….but ya know what is ya Take on the Sea Hauler vibe?

    I think the people ungrateful as hell man i was reading the “wutlass” papers and to see that all they medical bills past and future will be covered by the gov and they ga help them find jobs and they want more i een fa that

  2. ‘Honestly’ remember now, you deem it as hearsay, information we know to be factual. Information you claim to be ‘bias’ yet your post and comment is included as fair commentary. But no problem critique if you must, try getting those same comments on the pages of the ‘WUTLESS TRIBUNE’. Lets see if you would have any luck.

    Bahamas press/Editor.

    PS: They try to bury stories what we posted and we have more chatter than they would ever have.

  3. BP, i hope u realise (from looking at this whole thread) that ur “reporting” is seen as very biased. well at least thats the general theme of a good portion of the responses here. im not attacking you or what you are trying to to by getting the media to report those things that would affect the bahamian public, but u should just bring the media to do that by doing it yourself first. Lead by example! Don’t report a biased story, with a run on of hear-say and expect us, the readers, to want to listen to what u are saying and not bp in the same category of ‘worthless media’! Whats worse is that you brought down promising young people (and indirectly a school) by using this story to prove your point (which u still havent done) if anything, you just strengthened any thoughts that anyone had of the media being worthless. please stop defending yourself against every comment, and admit that this is the wrong way to go about it! if all the stories like this were reported, the daily papers would be books! be real…..lets leave stories like this to tabloids, and allow the real newspapers to report facts.

  4. Now you have made your comments about us at Bahamas Press, “FAIR & Decent” we ask what is your comments about the “WUTLESS MEDIA” in The Bahamas? Particularly the PRINT MEDIA in theis country. We all in here want to hear your comments.

  5. Media, the reading pf your comments is nauseating. The obvious bile and vitriolic attitudes are obviously based in political motives.

    The half truths, innuendoes and careless statements do not deserve to be read.

    Your so called “truth” is bastardised, manipulated, skewered and prostituted. The hurt and disappointment in your personality is patently obvious.

    This is so stupid, it defies reasonable immagination.

    I will not dignify byour response, which will come in the form of some demented contrived reasoning. I also note that limited intelligence is not an asset of yours.

    Get a life.

  6. ‘Instant Green’ follow us please, follow us, Bahamas Press is calling for the principal resignation, not the minister or anyone else. In fact sending the boy home for 1 week only gave him another chance to get more at home.

    And Instant I hope you notice we at Bahamas Press post all comments, good, bad and ugly. You know the ‘WUTLASS Media’ persons in this country are all over this website making comments and posting views and ‘THIEFIN’ our stories?

    Prior to this website hundreds of you bloggers could not get a single word in the newspapers. Look at the papers the next time you buy one (IF YOU DO) and see how they only have about 3 writers always talking YOU KNOW WHAT!

    It IRKS me to post their comments, especially when I see how they have dump so many letters in their BIN. Well Bahamas Press knows the bin is better then the TRASH they put out daily.

    We ARE NOT THEIR FRIENDS! And the first chance we get, we will run them off this BLOG for GOOD! JOHN MARQUIS, EILEEN CARRON, P. ANTHONY WHITE, AND OSWALD ‘WHY YOU AFRAID OF THE WORD MURDER’ BROWN, ‘WUTLASS JOURNALIST’! STAY OFF THIS BLOG! WHY ARE THEY ALL SO OBSESSED WITH BLOG WRITERS AND CONTRIBUTORS IN THEIR ‘RAG SHEET’ NEWSPAPERS IS BEYOND US? They have it all now, and they know they will soon have none! Circulation slipping, whilst less and less persons are reading their lies!

    Bahamas Press now has 160,000 plus weekly readers. JOIN ME IN TELLING those mentioned, and their surrogates, KEEP OFF BAHAMAS PRESS.com!

  7. Ohhh so BP you wanna see “justice” in thr form of exposin the minister’s son for sex acts because the media exposed scandals involving former MINISTERS of government?…the media is wutless because they dont want / or appears not to want to pursue a matter that parties involved have not filed complaints or reports with the police (well not to my knowledge)….bp are you falling into the “wutlass” catergory as well? i mean you wnet on and on about doing research and shit with Rubie nottage, but yet i see no evidence of any BP work to get comment from the school principal or parties involved. hmmmmmmmmmmm why would you run the press from the blog site…you “biggity naw” lol

  8. As people reading what supposed to be NEWS we read from not only bahamas press but all news media things that have no point in our everyday lives.
    I dont feel as if any rape happened. That girl probaly had sex many times before and knew quite well what she was doing. (these kids arent stupid ya know and i didnt hear her being disabled) but now she got caught the media and only the media is saying its rape shouldnt her parents have taught her better. Shouldnt they have taught her to respect herself more.
    All this is going to do is ruin a young mans life. Its not like he is old, he is still young himself. Why try lock him up maybe some counsel will help but not jail.

    And as for Alfred Gray i mean who he hell cares. I mean who cares what alfred does in a back seat, what your jealous you never had a backseat romp. well find a gal and go have one.

    And notice this all leads back to someone in politics such as and wanting them to resign.

    Carl – because his son has a sex life..

    Tommy – because his wife works at a the school.

    Mrs tunrquest – cant be everywhere at the same time and follow every childs move…

    Alfred – cause he has a sexlife..

  9. If there is anything Bahamas Press is doing in this country it is showing the crooked, WICKED standard set by the ‘Wutlass Media’ in The Bahamas. Which one of you (THOMAS, Bahamas,or Concerned) saw the same kind of comments when V. Alfred Gray was caught in a ‘BACK seat RUMP’ in a church parking lot as the ‘Bias’ Tribune put it.

    Now lets go back to that story, the media went out of their way to succor a report from the police who on hearsay leaked the incident. A rape did not take place. A crime was not committed. NO one could confirm who GRAY was with, if he was indeed was with someone, but for days, a ‘COCKEYED media’ carried that article for days.

    Media in The Bahamas for days played the incident on pages day after day. The good thing in all this is that,
    GRAY is that BIG GRAY MAN!

    But here in the same country, we have a 13 year old girl, ‘RAPED’ BY A 17 year old, the son of The Minister of Education CARL BETHEL, in the classroom at a prestigious school called ‘Queen’s College. And not a single word from the Principal, The Minister nor the Police (the same crew who were so eager to report to their masters in media on Gray’s incident) are all now hiding on this RAPE story at Queen’s College. The ministry of education went as far as to say, “these things don’t happen in Bahamian school.”

    Well, Bahamas Press is not amazed however, and again we ask every newsroom person in The Bahamas, STAY OUT AND OFF THIS BLOG , you have your organization to present your views against us. USE IT FOR WHATEVER IT IS WORTH ANYMORE THESE DAYS!

    This BLOG (of 160,000 plus weekly readers) is for as we said when we launched, THE SILENT INNOCENT VOICE IN THIS SOCIETY.

    As the innocent lie dying from inflicted wounds by a ‘Bias Press’. The Bahamas must know a better way to correct this injustice and wrong inflicted upon its people.”

    Bahamas Press/Editor
    PS: READ “The Birth Of An Online Voice” AGAIN…

  10. From what I’ve heard, the girl was performing oral sex on the young man. I’m sure he did not hold a gun to her head. Bradley Roberts and the PLP are making noise over a non issue….and Bradley Roberts of all people talking about “rape”. He should never let the word “rape” come out of his mouth…Get a life!!!

  11. This is a waste of your journalist time. The young girls today are more sexual than the guys. Do you think maybe she taunted him to do it to her. You are only making a big deal over this because its a ministers son.
    If he were an average over the hill young man we would never hear one word of this.
    Find better NEWS to write about something that is more important to get across to people.

  12. This is a victimless situation. If the parents do not press charges there is nothing that the police can do. Maybe the PLP should press charges.Bunch of jackholes…..

  13. The irony and blatant hyprocrisy of the Education Minister is that he publicly called for a police investigation into the school sex scandal that appeared on the internet (UTUBE), while apparently appearing to aid and abet the cover up of the alleged sex crime involving his son at Queen’s College. All adults who know about such abuses are duty bound to report them to the relevant authority. In this case it would be the police.

    We ought not to shoot and castigate the messenger. Bahamas Press is merely reporting a crime that the authorities refuse to act on and other media houses seek to surpress.

    On the issue of righteous indignation, the Bahamian media is notorious for righteous indignation when it conveniently suits their purposes: Just revisit the scandals involving Bradley Roberts, Shane Gibson, and the cabinet room scuffle.

    The media are the gate keepers and they have a solemn responsibility to be fair, balanced, and to be no respect of persons. I agree with Bradley Roberts that had this sex crime involved the son of a PLP cabinet minister, one would not hear the end of the story. There would be front page story after front page story and editorial after editorial attacking and excoriating the PLP.

    I remind the Bahamian people that based on the principle of collective responsibility, the entire FNM cabinet is culpable for this cover up. Further, the police has clear guidelines on the rules of engagement when there is evidence that a crime has been committed. The credibility of the police commissioner has to now be under question.

  14. BP. And you will do this by publishing gossip and destroying lives with your venom??? Where is the “responsibility” in that. And you call yourselves true journalists. Have you had the guts to interview the school principal or Mr. Bethel or are you just contented to remain in the shadows, attacking the innocent from a world of anonymity? This is not journalism, this is cowardice. Real journalists go to the source of the problem and not expect the source to come to them. I was a reader of your site until you became fixated on destroying these two young people lives.

  15. Bahamas Press is a VERY VERY responsible budding news organization. We asked for answers in earlier post and nothing has yet come forth. Why, Why in a modern Bahamas would a minister of the Cabinet knowing that his son has committed a crime, fail to report it?

    The Bahamas has changed, from the days where Prime Minister’s sons can be pushing drugs and get off, or the Commissioners sons can rape and never see jail like now a cabinet minister’s son can sex in a classroom a 13 year old young girl and it not come to the public attention. We at Bahamas Press do not blame MPs or any government institution for the collapse of this country, it is the ‘WUTLASS media’ that has committed the downfall of this country to the decay we see it today. They have suppressed truth and deflected news. Talking about forest fires and denying sex is happening in classroom where learning should take place and reporting it all because the Ministry of Education said so. Should we not have people in the media that report and research the truth, rather than spinning lies and throwing thousands of letters in the garbage bin?

    The Bahamas has a state of affairs where members of the AG office shred court documents and Police are committing more crimes then criminals. We read in this past Sunday Newspaper [The Bugle] where 72 cases possibly came before the Police Tribunal alone in a single year, and this does not include the magistrate courts. How is it all these police are being brought for crimes? ITS THE COLLAPSE OF A WUTLASS MEDIA FORCE IN THE COUNTRY!

    Bahamas Press will bring change to this.

  16. YEAH OVERBOARD! if this the type of biased articles yall is write, yall need to call this site bahamas tabloid…..and ya lil comment bout him being popular because of who his parents are, is out of line cuz plenty people at QC have prominent parents and that dont make them “popular” buddy….i aint even gonna start to correct ur comments and start to tell u facts, but if u involved in journalism u should really have some good sources…im sure if there was more to this than bad morals and judgement the girls parents would have pushed it further with the police, and if that didnt work, you would have heard from them through lawyers or media. honestly, even though members of cabinet may have family involved stop pushing things because of that and only that, because things like this go on all the time EVERYWHERE! not just “prestigious” private schools or public schools, but peoples homes, and i never goes reported. yall makin this young man, a 17 year old male out to be something he really isnt and that is the saddest thing in all of this. the girl is probably suffering more because of the media too…yall havent heard anything official. so i think yall should just let it be a private matter until you do, and stop all the speculation. in the mean time go to the police station and report the crimes that you have witnessed first hand cuz im sure most of yall have, and havent reported them! focus on how yall could bring the world up and stop bringing other people down “because of who their parents are!”

  17. PennyBee I’m sure a smooth 17 yr old can swing At 13 year old girl into doing things that she doesn’t really want to do. this is especially likely since this guy is pressumebly popular because of who he/his parents are.

    BahamasPress. Keep pressing on law and justice can only be corrected from the top down not the bottom up.

  18. Overboard? Wait until they all fail to report the matter to the police and watch how far we would really go. As far as we are concern, we have not gone anywhere just yet.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  19. Really now! I think you’ve gone more than a bit overboard with your attempt at righteous indignation. It seems that the 13 year old girl is far from a “young innocent child.” And at 17, the boy (he’s still a boy legally) can hardly be described as a “big gray” man.

    Just walk a moment in the shoes of the parents of these two – particularly the parents of the girl. If they’ve done their job of trying to instill morals and virtues in her, they’re obviously crushed by her actions, and would wish to deal with the situation away from the public eye. Let them.

    And, Parents, please train up your children in the way they should go…

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