BREAKING NEWS >>> Pleasent Arrested in Alleged Extortion Investigation


ec_0594.jpg<<< Zharvigo Laing and Pleasant Bridgewater walking out of election court. (File Photo)

Grand Bahama: Bahamas Press is reliably informed that former MP for Marco City and current Senator for the Progressive Liberal Party Pleasent Bridgewater has been arrested and is now being detained in a Grand Bahama Police Station in downtown Freeport.

Our ‘deep-throat’ in the Royal BahamaPolice Force said that Senator Bridgewater was arrested let  Thursday and noted that Senator was being held with direct orders from the capital.

Bahamas Press has also learned that Ms. Bridgewater has attained the services of Harvey Tynes to get a hearing for her release, whilst she is still under arrest in police custody. The Senator can be held up  to 48  in jail by police.

The arrest was made following an investigation in what police sources say can possibly link the senator to an alleged incident involving the Travolta family. An ambulance driver took photos of the dead son of John Trovalta who died at the family home at the Old Bahama Bay property. It is alleged that someone attempted to sell the photos back to the family. How Ms. Bridgewater became a suspect is still unknown.

Bahamas Press has learned that police kicked down the doors of the senator’s office in Grand Bahama and ramsacked her law office, the now common PRACTICES OF THE NEW GESTAPO ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE.

Bahamas Press will continue to monitor this story.


  1. The reports about the barberic breaking down on Ms Bridgewater doors at her Law Chanbers were untrue… We need to report better than this in our Coutry. The wutless Tribune, Guardian need to be removed out of our Country and have Bahamians only as journalist reporting Bahamian news. No one knows the stories and its these stories that fuel lies that are already out there destroying the Character of our fellow brothers and sisters. Sad day in our Country…When will there be Change…???

  2. To All News Editors:

    News Statement
    Rt. Hon. Perry Christie MP

    Friday 23rd January, 2009
    For Immediate Release

    I have been monitoring all developments throughout the day with regard to Senator Bridegwater. I take this matter seriously. I have no intention of engaging in any speculation. I am to be further advised as to the legal position. Once that is clear I shall forthwith inform the public of any further course of action.

    — end —

  3. This is distressing, whether true or not. The Travoltas are considered family in west end and would be devasted by this. The people of west end would too be traumatised to see something like this happen. I am prepared to hear her part of the story before jumping to conclusions because the media in this country publishes whatever it wants without regard for the impact on the individual and this small country which is already suffering from so many other ills.

  4. Change IS…coming ! “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. I have always wrestled with the idea of going into politics – with the goal of bringing the “Change” that is so badly needed. I will continue to pray and ask God to direct me on this issue. Too many people are suffering in this country…with lots more to join the ranks. Our very “fabric” of society is quiclky eroding ! Heaven help us ALL!!!

  5. What in the world is our country coming to????? The Police (gustapo)kicking down a former MP’s office ???? No wonder the young thugs on the street …waiting on them ! There is no respect anymore…no order ! There is right way ..and a wrong way of doing their job. Heaven help us ALL !

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