BREAKING NEWS!!! The News System is down at ZNS


Systems FRIED and Staff still UNPAID at ZNS!

Prime Minister Minnis at BIS and ZNS management and staff back in 2017. (BIS Photo/Kristaan Ingraham)

Nassau – After all these years, Dead End Mess has not learned its lesson. On a big news day ZNS could not cover or carry the news properly because its computer operating system was fried and served up well done.

No one could get the system up  and every one on top of the hill are running around confused with pieces of paper in their hands, colliding into each other.  What confusion has come to the BCB!

Staff at ZNS should have been paid since Friday and morale is so low its doing the limbo under the news desk right now. Staff members do not know when they are going to be paid and they are treated so badly that nobody dares to ask when. And the milk is getting whiter by the minute by some who feels like they too are in some Government Shutdown – but this time in the Bahamas!

Bahamas Press can report that every time someone touches a computer it goes off loudly saying, “Error! Error! Error!” For hours this morning radio stations at ZNS were just playing music with no voice to be heard and check out the clothes and stories on the TV news, they are all old and recorded. Boy I tell ya – WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

Meanwhile, on JFK Drive, Eye Witness News is up and running and doing a good job of bringing us all the best in news from professionals who respect time and a good story. Eyewitness dem is almost as good as BP but not as good. They just have more money to run the game – but we breaking news from all around the country by the second.

Readers should recall how ZNS spent plenty money on a big bash Christmas party for staff that none of the key players turned up to, but refuses to give staff raises and much deserved over time. Now its system is fried and it has no money to pay fix it and no money to pay staff either. Boy I tell ya – If ya don’t laugh you would cry!

BP has its ear to the ground as we know a Rumble on the Hill is expected shortly when the staff get sick and tired of the bad treatment and the rest of them end up at Eye Witness News like last year’s mass exit. Trust up – THIS AIN’T GERN…IT COMING!

As BP watches and waits to see what is going to happen all we can say is HILL THRILLERS ON EVERYTHING. 

We Report!! Yinna Decide!!