ZNS proposal and downsizing plan put before The Bahamas Cabinet


Downsizing is to commence at ZNS this week. This is UNPRECEDENTED IN THE BAHAMAS! Never in the history of the country we recall where GOVERNMENT WORKERS WERE BEING SO COLDLY FIRED.

BP has all the details to this action and all of the recommendations submitted to The Cabinet of the Bahamas by the Board. Here is the REAL NEWS! Welcome to BP’s Cabinet!


  1. ZNS can kiss where the sun don’t shine. Do they really expect rational minded Bahamians to accept this and put our money into an enterprise that has shown little improvement over the years?

    Get that @#$!#@@ outta here!

  2. This is great news! The memo that the Government shared listing their plans is the first one that really makes sense and is practical for the future. It’s tough but now is the time to move away from an entitlement society to one that’s based on reality and personal responsibility.


    • IS the first suggestion to tax us thru Cable Bahamas $6 per month serious? Cable Bahamas are already ripping us off with these new boxes that they are imposing on us and now the government wants to give them the license to charge us even more for realistically how many basic channels. I am a lover of Tv but I am going to have decisions to make if these taxes keep getting imposed on us. I also have a question to ask: If the government taxes us for using the cable we pay for, does Cable Bahamas get taxed as well? They should.

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