Breast Cancer Survivor attacked by four dogs in her own yard! THIS IS NOT CUTE!


Woman under attack by dogs – WHO LET THEM OUT? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?!

Alicia Barton, 51

NASSAU| Breast Cancer survivor 51-years-old Alicia Barton of Pastel Gardens lived to tell her story after she was ferociously attacked, bitten and mauled by four dangerous dogs who escaped into her yard last Friday.

Barton had just arrived home when the vicious incident occurred. Some neighbours eventually assisted in her escape. By the end of the attack the dogs had grabbed her in the head arms, legs and back. Another woman under attack in the country – WHAT IS THIS?!

Far too many persons across the Bahamas have these dangerous pets and hold no certificate for them. HOW DID THIS LAWLESSNESS DEVELOPED?

We see some pet owners all the time in public spaces – where children playgrounds are – especially on GOODMAN’s BAY BEACH and nothing is being done about it! This is just the setting of a scene just waiting to happen.

All we could tell the public is this – ARM YOURSELVES FROM THE FOUR LEGGED (dogs)AND TWO FEET (criminals) ANIMALS! You just do not know when they will attack! Das our advice.

We report yinner decide!