Brenville Bulla Hanna dies after long battle with kidneys


Brenville 'BULLA' Hanna

Bahamas Press mourns the passing of a giant of a man, Brenville BULLA Hanna, today. He had a long struggle with kidney failure. He was on dialysis for twelve years.

He was he former chairman of the PLP and then moved to the caucus of the FNM. Hubert Ingraham in his FNM appointed Bulla Consultant to the Local Government Ministry. That position he retained when Perry Christie became Prime Minister.

Hanna told Christie Ingraham and Tommy Turnquest to STOP THE BICKERING and take care of the poor. We ask them to take heed of the words of this great man and do just that. START NOW!

Hanna was respected on both sides of the political divide. Bahamas Press understands his body will be interred in Acklins.

May the heavens receive this great Anglican and server of the church.


  1. I got to meet Mr. Hanna when he was the Dir. of Human Resources at the Crystal Palace in the 1980’s; what a fine, honest gentalman. May the spirit of God continue with you in heavenly places. Rest in peace my friend.

    • Bulla and I go back many years. Cousins, we did not get together that often because of our busy schedules and geographic constraints (we live in different countries), but childhood memories are fondones. Kind and gracious, jovial and optimistic, Bulla was a joy to be around. Sleep on dear Brenville, take your rest. Hope to reunite with you at Christ’s second coming. RIP!!!

  2. i had contact with bulla for 18years, why i took care of is son who his my nephew i took him when he was 4months, not a day go by he made sure he was well taken care of food and doctors appointments was always number one. he was a good father and loved both dee and holland, i spend time the day before he passed on and he told me thanks for taking care of my son, you are a wonderful mother. but it time for me to go home. the tears was so hard to hold back but we may love him but jesus loves him best. to great sisters who was so welcoming to his home you are loved and for the great things bulla has done for all of us we will miss him.and closing to
    the two children he left and are know grown you will have nothing but good to hear about your daddy because has for my nephew he loved him and gave him a good life,

  3. I want to extend condolences to the family of my cousin, Bulla Hanna, who I referred to as Biddy. We had wonderful chats about Acklins, particularly Pompey Bay. You will be missed Bulla and please say hello to Larry Bingham for me. You were worth knowing in this life.

  4. Brenville you came into my life when we both needed each other. We were companions to each for six wonderful years and even after my return to the United States remained close and dear friends throughout the years. Will miss you dear friend, may you rest in peace. Love always Yvonne and Marcus

  5. Rest in peace Bulla. I knew you from I was a child, you were like an uncle to me. You gave me such good advice. God’s speed.

    • Brenville and I became life long friends from the first day we met at St.Johns College;he was the smallest boy there,however,the laps around the field and the many blocked shots stimulated his growth and the gift of a deep and powerful voice.
      Intelligent,sensitive and loyal to a fault,Bulla included everyone in his social circle;he was the finest gentleman.
      We should know that he passed on with dignity,he chose to meet his maker now and in so doing,others could learn to live and let God.
      Brenville was my friend and special nephew.
      May he rest in peace.

      learn how to live and let God.

  6. I spent three hours with Bulla on Sunday; we spoke about my 40th birthday party at Postern Gate Restaurant, now the Humidor, and all the good times we had together over the years. My family and I would like to extend our sympathy to his family. He was always a person who put others before himself. May he rest in peace.

  7. If you knew Brenville Bulla Hanna you could not but like him. I have known Bulla’s pleasing earthly spirit since we were in our young 20’s. Heaven will now seem like a more familiar place, to the many of us who knew and liked Bulla, whose honesty and innocence, stayed with him right up to his very end. I will see you on the other side.

    • farewell bulla, i will miss those many of aneo an coke that u , frank and gary carey drink at cleso in centerville, now you have gone to be with them….have a sip heavenly water for me ole bulla..a true friend indeed

  8. Rest In Peace Bulla. One of my Daddy’s close friends, whom he speaks so highly of. You were a true and loyal friend indeed. May God bring comfort to your Family at this difficult time.

  9. Strong to the END

    Rest In Peace

    However, CORRECTION FOR BP, he was held over by Hanna-Martin, they are family, Perry had absolutely nothing to do with it.

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